Dr Julia Leschke

Dr Julia Leschke

Visiting Fellow

Department of Government

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English, French, German
Key Expertise
Populism, Political Parties, Quantitative Methods and Text Analysis

About me

Thesis: Populism in Parties, Politicians and Public Opinion

I am interested in how and when political actors strategically employ populism and which factors explain the variation in voting for populist parties. In my research, I develop approaches to measure and explain political positions and electoral behaviour using quantitative text analysis, causal inference and geo-spatial modelling. I hold a B.A. in Social Science from Humboldt University Berlin and an M.Sc. in Politics Research from the University of Oxford.

Research interests

  • Political Behaviour
  • Comparative Politics
  • Computational Social Science
  • Quantitative Text Analysis
  • Causal Inference

Teaching record

  • GV249: Research Design in Political Science