Temi Ogunye

Temi Ogunye

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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Key Expertise
Political Theory, Political Philosophy

About me

Thesis: 'How should citizens respond to social injustice?'

Political philosophers have produced a wide variety of competing theories of ideal social justice. Nevertheless, many would agree that most, if not all, contemporary societies are unjust by any yardstick, and some have argued that the members of unjust societies have a duty to respond to such conditions. 

I think that scholars have been too vague about how this duty might be discharged. In my PhD, I seek to identify the form that responses to social injustice should take. My hypothesis is that the content of the duty to respond to social injustice will vary depending on the nature of the social injustice in question.

Research interests

  • Social justice (both domestic and global)
  • Resistance and activism (including militancy)
  • Social ontology

Selected publications

Teaching record

  • Contemporary Political Theory
  • Introduction to Political Theory
  • Athens to Al-Qaeda: Political Theory and International Relations