Sarah Correia

Sarah Correia

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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Thesis: Nation-formation as a liminal process: an ethnographic study of the creation and development of Republika Srpska from a local perspective, focusing on the transformation of the town of Bijeljina

Through an exploration of how residents of the town of Bijeljina remember the 1992-1995 Bosnian war and reflect about its impact on their lives, my thesis analyses the process of nation-formation in Republika Srpska. I apply the idea of liminality to describe the transformation of what was, before the war, a multiethnic society organised under the principle of 'zajednički život' (common life) into a largely ethnically homogenous society, marked by the dominance of nationalist discourse, but in which minorities are tolerated, albeit assigned a position of marginality.

Research interests

  • Nationalism and national identity
  • Politics of memory
  • Social memory and lived experience
  • Community building and belonging
  • Liminality and political change
  • Political ethnography
  • Balkans; Post-Brexit Britain; Portugal

Selected publications

2015: “Demokrati med förhinder” (“Democracy with Obstacles”, in Swedish; about the failure of the Plenum experience of 2014 in Bosnia) The Swedish Institute of International Affairs: Internationella Studier, n.3, 2015

2013: “The Politics of Memory in Bosnia's Republika Srpska”, in Ola Listhaug and Sabrina Ramet, (eds.): Bosnia-Herzegovina since Dayton:Civic and Uncivic Values, Longo Editore Ravenna, pp.329-350

2010: “Nationalist violence in Post-Milošević Serbia: Extremist right-wing youth groups as instruments of intimidation of civic-minded individuals and organisations” in Wolfgang Benedek, Christopher Daase, Petrus van Duyne and Vojin Dimitrijevic (eds.): Transnational Terrorism, Organized Crime, and Peace-Building. The State of the Art in Human Security in the Western Balkans, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010, pp. 329-349

2008: “O processo de independência do Kosovo: contextualização e implicações (The Kosovo
Independence process: context and implications).” Política Internacional n. 31, April 2008

Teaching record

  • GV247: Theories and Problems of Nationalism


Dr. John Hutchinson and Dr. Denisa Kostovicova