Katharina Lawall

Katharina Lawall

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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English, French, German
Key Expertise
Political behaviour, Experiments, Causal inference

About me

Thesis: '“Don’t you know that you’re toxic?”: Party mainstreaming strategies and their effects on voters'

Katharina works on the radical right gender gap – the idea that radical right wing parties are more likely to be supported by men. Her research shows that there is more variation in the radical right gender gap than previously assumed, and explores why and when women start voting for the radical right. Using text analysis and survey experiments, she explores how new gendered immigration narratives might make radical right wing parties a more acceptable and therefore attractive choice for female voters. During her PhD, Katharina wants to extend this research agenda. In particular, she is keen to understand the wider implications of “toxic” party reputations on both parties and voters. How do parties try to get rid of their bad reputations and do voters react?

Previously, Katharina has completed a Master’s degree in European Politics and Society at the University of Oxford (2018, with distinction) and an undergraduate degree at University College London (2016, with distinction). Katharina also has experience working for think tanks and small NGOs. Katharina’s research and studies have been funded by the LSE Studentship, the Centre for Experimental Social Science, the German National Scholarship Foundation and the German Foundation for Business.

Research interests

  • Political behaviour
  • Experiments
  • Causal inference