Fergus Green

Fergus Green

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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Thesis: 'The political ethics of legal change: A critical-republican solution to the ‘legal transitions problem’'

A central justification for the rule of law is that it provides a stable set of rules on the basis of which agents can form expectations that enable them to pursue long-term plans. Yet individual laws frequently change — often for good normative reasons — and such changes may frustrate some agents’ expectations and supervening plans. The ‘legal transitions problem’ is about how best to manage these competing values of stability and change when laws change. Using a Wide Reflective Equilibrium method, this project develops novel critiques of existing libertarian and liberal-egalitarian solutions to the problem and develops a critical-republican alternative.

Research interests

  • Normative political, legal and economic theory/philosophy
  • Normative issues arising from structural and legal change
  • Conceptions of persons and non-human agents in political philosophy
  • Republican political thought
  • Climate change ethics, politics and governance

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Teaching record

  • GV262 Contemporary political theory (LSE, 2016–17 and 2017–18)
  • Global Energy & Climate Policy (SOAS, 2013–14)


Kai Spiekermann and Christian List (Advisor)