Antoine Louette

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

About me

Thesis: 'Systemic Domination'

In recent years there’s been an important move in the political theory literature: there’s a growing consensus that in order to remedy domination what we should do is change social structures. But the problem is that we underestimate how difficult that may be. And that’s what my project is about. It’s both positive, in the sense that I’m exploring what we can call structural inertia, and normative, insofar as structural inertia, or what I call systemic domination, is a wrong in itself. More precisely, the extent to which we’re dominated by a social structure is a function of this structure’s systematisation, where systematisation is understood as the kind of mutual relation of inference, deductive or non-deductive, in which the elements of a social structure stand in.

Research interests

  • Marxist and Foucaultian account of domination
  • Social theory and social practices
  • Fetishism in Marx and elsewhere
  • Adorno, Benjamin, Foucault, Baudrillard

Teaching record

  • GV100: Introduction to Political Theory