Andrew McNeil

Andrew McNeil

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

Key Expertise
Intergenerational Social Mobility, Anti-System Voting, Social Networks

About me

Thesis: 'Intergenerational social mobility and anti-system voting – The journey matters'

My research concentrates on how individuals’ intergenerational social mobility trajectories impact the tendency to vote for anti-establishment parties and more generally form cleavages within society. My work shows that social origins are an underappreciated variable within political science.  The upwardly socially mobile retain preferences from their origin position – as well as observing distinct mobility effects.  I am also interested in the mechanisms behind the differences in preferences of the socially mobile and immobile – in particular the role of social networks.

Research interests

  • Social mobility
  • Political cleavages
  • Anti-system voting
  • Social networks
  • Financial markets


Teaching record

  • GV101: Introduction to Political Science