Dr Paolo Belardinelli

Dr Paolo Belardinelli

Fellow in Public Policy and Administration

Department of Government

Room No
CBG 3.08
Office Hours
Tuesdays 14:45 - 16:45
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English, Italian
Key Expertise
Behavioral Public Policy and Administration, Public Management, Experiments

About me

I received my PhD in Public Policy and Administration from Bocconi University, Milan. My research focuses on behavioural public policy and administration and the title of my doctoral thesis is “Systematic Deviations from Rational Decision-Making in Public Administration.” Methodologically, most of my ongoing work makes use of experiments, though I am also interested in quasi-experimental designs and mixed methods.

Research interests

  • Behavioral public administration
  • Behavioral public policy
  • Public management
  • Experimental and quasi-experimental designs

Teaching responsibilities

  • GV483: Public Management: Theory and Doctrine
  • GV488: Law and Politics of Regulation
  • GV4F4: Policy Advice in Theory and Practice

Selected publications

  • Belardinelli, P., Bellé, N., & Cantarelli, C. (Forthcoming). The impact of bounded subadditivity on administrative behavior among public and private workers. Public Administration.
  • Woodhouse, E., Belardinelli, P., & Bertelli, A. (Forthcoming). Hybrid Governance and the Attribution of Political Responsibility: Experimental Evidence from the United States. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.
  • Cantarelli, P., Belle, N., & Belardinelli, P. (2020). Behavioral public HR: Experimental evidence on cognitive biases and debiasing interventions. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 40(1), 56-81.
  • Battaglio, P. R., Belardinelli, P., Belle, N., & Cantarelli, P. (2019). Behavioral Public Administration Ad Fontes: A Synthesis of Research on Bounded Rationality, Cognitive Biases, and Nudging in Public Organizations. Public Administration Review, 79(3), 304-320.
  • Belle, N., Belardinelli, P., Cantarelli, P., & Mele, V. (2019). On Iron Cages and Suboptimal Choices: An Experimental Test of the Micro-Foundations of Isomorphism in the Public Sector. International Public Management Journal, 22(2), 373-414.
  • Mele, V., & Belardinelli, P. (2019). Mixed Methods in public administration research: Selecting, sequencing and connecting. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 29(2), 334-347.
  • Belardinelli, P. (2018). Eva Moll Sørensen, Hanne Foss Hansen, and Mads Bøge Kristiansen, eds., Public Management in Times of Austerity (New York and London: Routledge, 2017). 282 pp. $120.00 (hardcover), ISBN: 9781138680531. Public Administration Review, 78(5), 809-811. – Laverne Burchfield Award 2018.
  • Belardinelli, P., Belle, N., Sicilia, M., & Steccolini, I. (2018). Framing Effects under Different Uses of Performance Information: An Experimental Study on Public Managers. Public Administration Review, 78(6), 841-851.
  • Belle, N., Cantarelli, P., & Belardinelli, P. (2018). Prospect Theory Goes Public: Experimental Evidence on Cognitive Biases in Public Policy and Management Decisions. Public Administration Review, 78(6), 828-840.
  • Belle, N., Cantarelli, P., & Belardinelli, P. (2017). Cognitive Biases in Performance Appraisal: Experimental Evidence on Anchoring and Halo Effects with Public Sector Managers and Employees. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 37(3), 275-294.
  • Cantarelli, P., Belardinelli, P., & Belle, N. (2016). A Meta-Analysis of Job Satisfaction Correlates in the Public Administration Literature. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 36(2), 115-144.