Dr Benjamin Faude

Dr Benjamin Faude

LSE Fellow in Global Politics (Joint appointment with International Relations)

Department of Government

+44 (0)20 7955 7805
Room No
CBG 3.08
Office Hours
Mondays 16:00 - 18:00
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English, German
Key Expertise
International Institutions, Global Governance, International Theory

About me

Benjamin Faude is LSE Fellow in Global Politics. He has received a PhD from the University of Bamberg. Prior to joining LSE, Faude worked at the WZB Berlin Social Sciences Center. He also held visiting positions at the University of California at Berkeley and the Vrije Universiteit Brussels.


Research interests

  • International Institutions
  • Global Governance
  • Regime Complexity
  • International Courts and Tribunals
  • International Theory

Teaching responsibilities

  • GV4K4: The Politics of Globalization
  • IR470: International Political Economy
  • IR412: International Institutions

Selected publications

  • Faude, Benjamin & Michal Parizek (2020) ‘Contested Multilateralism as Credible Signalling: How Strategic Inconsistency Can Induce Cooperation Among States’. In: Review of International Organizations. Online First.
  • Abbott, Kenneth W. & Benjamin Faude (2020) ‘Choosing Low-Cost Institutions in Global Governance’. In: International Theory. Online First.
  • Faude, Benjamin (2020) ‘Breaking Gridlock: How Path Dependent Layering Enhances Resilience in Global Trade Governance’. In: Global Policy 11(4). 448-457.
  • Faude, Benjamin & Julia Fuß (2020) ‘Coordination or Conflict? The Causes and Consequences of Institutional Overlap in a Disaggregated World Order’. In: Global Constitutionalism 9(2). 268-289.
  • Faude, Benjamin & Felix-Grosse-Kreul (2020) ‘Let's Justify! How Regime Complexes Enhance the Normative Legitimacy of Global Governance’. In: International Studies Quarterly 64(2). 431-439.