Yoonai Han

Yoonai Han

PhD candidate in Human Geography

Department of Geography and Environment

English, Korean
Key Expertise
Platform capitalism, Human and machine, Urban commons

About me

Yoonai is a PhD student in human geography. Her research looks at rent and labour practices generated by platform economies. She is interested in how widely used ‘sharing’ rhetorics of platform economies interact with sharing policies of local governments, including The Sharing City Seoul Project. Geographic fields of interest are East and Southeast Asia. She uses ethnography, mapping and filming to capture the fast changing nature of the platform economies.  

Prior to coming to LSE she worked at Seoul National University Asia Center in 2015-2018 where she encountered media and scholar activists in East Asia. A commitment to an art activism to fight tenant eviction informed her broader interests: seeking possibility for urban commons and public life, in countries with relatively short history of democracy and autonomy. Currently she is translating De Angelis, D. M. (2017). Omnia sunt communia: on the commons and the transformation to postcapitalism. Zed Books Ltd.

She holds BA and MA degrees from Seoul National University. Yoonai is on the LSE Studentship/Kwanjeong Scholarship.

Working and conference papers

Shin, H.B., Shin, S., and Han, Y. In the shadow of state-led gentrification: The spatiality of commercial gentrification in Seoul. Work in progress for submission to Journal of Urban Affairs (2019).

Lee, S. and Han, Y. Art activism and anti-gentrification movements in Seoul. City, Culture and Society (under review, 2019).

Han, Y. (2017). Commoning by street vending. In: Gimm, D. (eds.), For Public Space. 2017. Paju: Dongnyok [in Korean]

Han, Y. (2016). Enclosure on urban commons and Takeout Drawing’s insurgent commoning. Space & Environment, 57: 42-76 [in Korean]

Urban commons in the era of public deficiency - Gyeonguiseon Square politics of Seoul, Korea. RC 21 Conference 2017.

Art activism and anti-gentrification movements in Seoul. Remapping the Arts, Heritage, and Cultural Production: Between Policies and Practices in East and Southeast Asian Cities, Asia Research Institute, 16-17 August 2017.

Invited talks and media

“From public space to urban commons,” Community Forum / Seongbuk Cultural Foundation, 9 November 2017.

“Public data mapping, a tool for anti-gentrification”, Anti-gentrification Workshop hosted by Producers, 19 September 2017.

“Gentrification and queer right to the city”, published in Huff Post Korea. 26 June 2017.

“Rebel cities, rebel arts,” Seoul National University & Tokyo University of Arts Workshop,  7 September 2016.

Academic Supervisors

Prof Hyun Bang Shin
Prof Claire Mercer

Expertise Details

Social movement; Mapping and filming