Viola Von Berlepsch

PhD candidate in Economic Geography

Department of Geography and Environment

About me

Viola is a PhD candidate in Economic Geography, working on long-term migration and economic growth with special focus on the United States. Emphasizing various aspects of both international and national migration such as migrant diversity, national origin, gender composition and path dependency, she analyses the impact of migration on the receiving regions‘ economic growth trajectory.

Prior to the PhD, Viola worked for several years at the Boston Consulting Group, focusing predominantly on consumer products (in particular the fashion industry) as well as the public sector. During her years as consultant, she supported many large international clients in their strategic planning processes as well as brand positioning initiatives and contributed to reports on overall economic growth and well-being.

Viola holds an MA in European Economic Studies from the College of Europe/Collège d’Europe in Bruges, Belgium and an MSc as well as a German Diplom in Economics from Konstanz University, Germany.


Academic Supervisors

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Neil Lee