Filippo Boeri

Filippo Boeri

PhD candidate in Economic Geography

Department of Geography and Environment

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English, Italian
Key Expertise
International trade, Urban/spatial economics, Economics of organised crime

About me

Filippo Boeri is an applied microeconomist. He successfully completed his PhD in Economic Geography in August 2020.  During his PhD, he worked as research assistant for the LSE Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) and the OECD. Currently he has two strands of ongoing research. One looks at how trade shocks affect local labour markets and the implications on the composition of tasks and skills. The other analyses local public policies, with applications to economics of organised crime and economics of education.

Thesis title:
Essays in Urban Economics and International Trade

Teaching record 

2019/20 -  6SSPP362, International Trade - King's College

2016/17, 2017/18 -  EC230, Economics in Public Policy - LSE

2015/16, 2016/17 - EC235, Economics of European Integration - Summer School, LSE

Academic supervisors:

Prof. Olmo Silva
Prof. Steve Gibbons


Expertise Details

Economics of education