Peter McGowran

Peter McGowran

Guest Teacher

Department of Geography and Environment

Key Expertise
Multi-hazard disaster risk

About me

Before studying for his PhD at King’s College London Peter McGowran completed a Human Geography (BA Hons) degree and MSc Disaster Management & Sustainable Development degree at Northumbria University.

Peter is interested in disaster risk, hazards, political theory, post-structural theory, human-environment relations and the policies related to them. He is funded by the NERC-DFID supported ‘Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience’ (SHEAR) programme. 


Thesis title: ‘Assemblage Theory and the Future of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in Kalimpong, India’

Peter's research focuses on multi-hazard disaster risk, and how this emerges out of unsustainable development processes. He focuses on the political, economic and cultural contexts of disasters – particularly landslides – to understand how the risk of disasters is created, and thus how this risk can be reduced. The study location for his PhD is Kalimpong district in North East of India. The region’s Himalayan location and climate mean that many of its physical characteristics make the region prone to landslides and other disasters. He is interested in how these characteristics are exacerbated by human development.

He is looking forward to teaching on the GY220 Environment, Science and Society module to broaden his own understanding of the fast-moving policy processes relating to environmental governance, and to applying his research findings in a different context.

Expertise Details

Disaster risk; Hazards; Political theory; Post-structural theory