Dr Lucie  Glasheen

Dr Lucie Glasheen

Guest Teacher

Department of Geography and Environment

Key Expertise
Cultural geography, Historical geography, Archives, Children’s geographies

About me

Dr Lucie Glasheen is an independent researcher and guest teacher at LSE and UCL, having previously taught Geography and Comparative Literature at Queen Mary University of London.

Lucie received her PhD in 2020 from Queen Mary, funded by a Postgraduate Research Studentship. Co-supervised by the School of Geography and Department of Comparative Literature her doctoral thesis, ‘Children’s play, urban spaces and the transformation of East London in text, image and film, 1930-1939’, explored the relationship between children’s play and urban development in a range of fictional and non-fictional texts created for, about and by children. The thesis repositions children in histories of urban change and develops understanding of the connection between play and citizenship.

Lucie’s research interests include urban studies, historical geographies of children and childhood, children’s literature and culture, play and housing. She is Co-Investigator on the Queen Mary-based British Academy funded project: Childhood heroes: storytelling survival strategies and role models of resilience to Covid-19 in the UK. 

Selected publications

‘Bombsites, Adventure Playgrounds and the Reconstruction of London: Playing with Urban Space in Hue and Cry’, The London Journal, 44:1 2019, 54-74.

‘“The Casey Court House Builders”: Nineteen-thirties children’s comics and the material transformation of East London’ in Jason Finch, Lieven Ameel, Richard Dennis, and Silja Laine (eds.) The Materiality of Literary Narratives (London: Routledge, 2020).

Expertise Details

Urban studies; Interdisciplinarity