Joris Gort

Joris Gort

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Geography and Environment

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Dutch, English
Key Expertise
Political Ecology; Governmentality; Imaginary Futures; Urban Planning

About me

I am a PhD student at King's College London. I am currently focusing on the political ecology of new urbanisation visions, particularly those which are trialing self-governance approaches to spatial planning. This research is informed by, broadly, three bodies of work: The Imaginary production of space, Environmentality and Everyday Praxis.

I joined King's College London in 2014 for a BA in Geography which I completed with a distinction and stayed on for an LISS-DTP funded studentship with an MA in Environment, Politics and Globalisaiton.

Expertise Details

Political Ecology; Governmentality; Praxis; Imaginary Futures; Urban Planning