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Dr Jane Pillinger

Dr Jane Pillinger

Visiting Professor at the Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies

About me

Jane Pillinger (Ph.D) is a global expert on gender equality and gender-based violence at work. She has given policy advice to social partners, companies, governments, European and international organisations, and is the author of several books and numerous articles on the topic. She has recently written a joint handbook for UN Women and the ILO on ending violence and harassment against women at work, to be launched later this month. Currently she is working with companies and trade unions across Europe on implementation of policies on the impact of domestic violence at work, and she is also coordinating a participatory research project to uncover the causes of violence against women garment workers in Vietnam, involving interviews and focus groups with over 2000 garment workers. Jane is a former Specialist Advisor to the House of Commons Select Committee on Employment and currently lives in France.

Expertise Details

gender equality and gender-based violence at work