PhDs awarded

PhDs Awarded
Name Title of Dissertation PhD Awarded
Carolina Ladino Impact of maquila industry on women and family in Mexican state of Chihuahua January 1999
Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer The meaning of kin work in relation to German women's life histories December 1999
Elisabeth Kirtsoglou For the love of women: gender and gay identity in a Greek provincial town April 2001
Lori Handrahan Gender and Ethnicity in Transitional Democracies July 2001
Karen Throsby Reproductive Health/IVF


May 2002
Maki Kimura Modernity, Testimonies, and Women's Agency:  The Issue of "Comfort Women" in the Second World War March 2003
Roisin Ryan-Flood Disruptive (M)Others: lesbian parenting in Sweden and Ireland January 2004
Hiroko Shiraishi Gender Inequality in Japan, 1975-2000:Individual Preferences and Social Norms of Care Work  November 2004 
Silvia Posocco Secrecy, Subjectivity and Sociality: an ethnography of conflict in Petén, Guatemala (1999-2000) December 2004
Paul Boyce Men who have sex with men in Calcutta: gender, discourse and anthropology February 2005
Ruri Abe Transformation of women's consciousness & the role of the media in modern Turkey February 2005
Roona Simpson (RIP) Contemporary Spinsterhood in Britain: gender, partnership status and social change May 2005
Sally Crook The dissonance between the rhetoric and reality of health policy and service delivery: a case study of gender and primary health care in Gwassi, Kenya November 2005
Josephine Brain Gender performance and sexuality in the anorexic subject March 2006
Elisabeth Kelan Binary Logic? Doing Gender in Information Communication Technology Work March 2006
Anna Coates Health, Reproduction and Ethnic/Gender Identity: the case of indigenous women in Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas, Mexico March 2006
Faith Armitage The Ideal of Equality: Luck Egalitarianism and Its Critics December 2006
Carolyn Pedwell Gender, Cultural Difference and Embodiment March 2007
Moira Dustin Gender equality and cultural claims: testing incompatibility through an analysis of UK policies on minority 'cultural practices' 1997-2007  November 2007
Henda Ducados Analysis of gender relations, principally on the role women are playing in the current phase of peace-building and reconciliation of Angola September 2007
Tamara Herath Woman Combatants and Gender Identity in Contemporary Conflicts: The Case of the LTTE March 2008
Jong-mi Kim Global Media, Audiences & Transformative Identities: Femininities and Consumption in South Korea March 2008
Gertrude Fester Women and Citizenship Struggles: A case study in the Western Cape, South Africa, 1980-2004 June 2008
Seema Kazi Between Democracy and Nation - Gender and Militarization in Kashmir June 2008
Nattha Komolvadhin Gendering the new economy: implications of the internet on gender relations in Thailand  June 2008
Chinwe Madubuike The Politics of Women's Empowerment in Nigerian HIV/AIDS Prevention Programmes: 2003-207 July 2008
Carolyn Williams Sexuality, Rights and Development: Peruvian Feminist Connections April 2009
Christina Scharff Young women's dis-identification with feminism: negotiating heteronormativity, neo-liberalism and difference November 2009
Deborah Finding 'Give Me Myself Again': Sexual Violence Narratives in Popular Music. April 2010
Rebekah Wilson A Name of One's Own? Performance, Choice and Negotiation in Marital Relationships April 2010
Diane Farmer Professional and Managerial Black African Women: Johannesburg and London's Emerging and Transnational Elites. September 2010
Jane Dennehy Gender and competition : a dynamic for managers November 2010
Maria do Mar Pereira The Epistemic Status of Women's, Gender, Feminist Studies February 2011
Patrizia Kokot Women's experiences of professional advancement in Germany and the United Kingdom: a comparative analysis of the public accountancy profession March 2011
Gwendolyn Beetham Representing Success in Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Programs: A Feminist Ethnography of International Aid and Agencies March 2011
Francisco Cos-Montiel The policy and politics of gender mainstreaming in Mexico.  Field, capital and habitus. June 2011
Laura Zagrebelsky Analysis of family law case law in Germany, France, Italy and UK: the paradox of multicultural vulnerability.  June 2012
Jeneviève Mannell Practicing Gender: Gender and Development Policy in South African Organizations February 2013
Natasha Marhia 'Human security', gender, and the policing of everyday violence against women in Delhi. August 2013
Alessandro Castellini Translating Maternal Violence: The Discursive Construction of Maternal Filicide in 1970s Japan March 2014
Joanne Kalogeras Troubling Cosmopolitanism December 2014
Alexandra Hyde Inhabiting No-Man's-Land: The Military Mobilities of Army Wives July 2015
Yang Shen Transforming Life in China: Gendered Experiences of Restaurant Workers in Shanghai October 2015
Marina Franchi Mediated Tensions: Italian newspapers and the legal recognition of de facto unions November 2015
Nicole Shephard  Beyond Transnationality: a queer intersectional approach to transnational subjects November 2015
Harriet Gray Militarism in the Everyday: Responses to Domestic Abuse in the British Armed Forces December 2015
Amanda Conroy Manning the border: constructions of
masculinity, race and threat amongst America's citizen border patrollers
May 2016
Jacob Breslow The theory and practice of childhood: Interrogating childhood as a technology of power February 2017
Yen Nee Wong MPhil thesis: Impact of South Africa's home community-based care on caregivers March 2017
Magdalena Mikulak Politics of Sexuality in Neoliberal(ised) Times and Spaces: the LGBT Movement, Christian LGBT Organising and Reparative Therapy in Contemporary Poland December 2017
Emma Spruce Telling Times: Exploring LGBTQ Progress Narratives in Brixton, South London December 2017
Amanda Shaw Divergent Economies of Agriculture in Hawai'i: Intersecting Inequalities and the Social Relations of Agrifood Work June 2018
Julia Hartviksen  Paradoxes of peace: violence against women and femicide in post-war Guatemala’s Franja Transversal del Norte October 2018
Aura Lehtonen The Sexual and Intimate Life of UK Austerity Politics October 2018
Ilana Eloit Lesbian Trouble: Feminism, Heterosexuality and the French Nation (1970–1981)  October 2018
Louisa Acciari Paradoxes of Subaltern Politics: Brazilian Domestic Workers’ Mobilisations to Become Workers and Decolonise Labour  December 2018
Jacqueline Gibbs The politics of vulnerability: affect, relationality and resistance in UK Austerity April 2019
Jenny Chanfreau Paid work and parenthood: Gender, class and cohort differences in the UK November 2019
Aiko Holvikivi Fixing Gender: the paradoxical politics of peacekeeper training December 2019
Lindsay Simmonds Generating Piety: Agency in the lives of British Orthodox Jewish Women January 2020
Billy Holzberg Affective Borders: The Emotional Life of the German ‘Refugee Crisis’ February 2020
Priya Raghavan Resisting the Binary: Reconciling Victimhood and Agency in Discourses of Sexual Violence November 2020
Hannah Wright The Making of Militarism: Gender, Race and Organisational Cultures in UK National Security Policymaking July 2021