Milo Bettocchi

Milo Bettocchi

LSE Fellow in Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies

English, French, Spanish
Key Expertise
interdisciplinary methodologies, archival practices, queer theory

About me

Dr Milo Bettocchi’s ESRC-funded doctoral research, completed at the University of Nottingham’s School of Geography, focused on squatting (occupying a building without the permission of the owner) in Brixton, south London. This research emphasised the ways in which squatting has intersected with anti-racist, decolonial, feminist and queer struggles and politics. More broadly, it documented spaces, histories, dynamics, political lineages and struggles which literature on social movements in England has overlooked; it interrogated and expanded how squatting in England has been conceptualised; and it spatialised the processes through which a range of identities, collectivities and political projects were assembled and negotiated.

Milo holds an MSc in Gender, Media and Culture from the LSE’s Department of Gender Studies, as well as a BA with first class honours in Film Studies and Creative Writing from Kingston University, London. They have previously been a Visiting Teaching Fellow the LSE’s Department of Gender Studies, as well as a Demonstrator in Techniques in Human Geography at the University of Nottingham.

Milo’s research interests also include interdisciplinary methodologies, archival practices, lineages of queer theory and anti- and decolonial approaches to Gender Studies.

Expertise Details

interdisciplinary methodologies; archival practices; lineages of queer theory; anti- and decolonial approaches to Gender Studies