Dr Walaa Alqaisiya

Dr Walaa Alqaisiya

LSE Fellow of Gender, Peace and Security

Department for Gender Studies

Room No
PAN 11.01L
Arabic, English
Key Expertise
Postcolonial and Decolonial Theories and Pedagogies

About me

Walaa Alqaisiya is a teaching fellow in gender, peace and security. She holds a doctoral degree in Human Geography from Durham University that examines the meanings of queer(y)ing spaces within the current Palestinian context and their relevance in relation to de-colonial geographies and imaginaries. Her research commitment, grounded in grassroots concerns and aesthetic productions in the multi-layered and conflicted context of Occupied Palestine and the MENA region more broadly, interrogates the value of decolonial, feminist and queer methodologies to advancing the intellectual sovereignty of local knowledge(s) from the global south. Conceptually, her work weaves together queer studies, decolonial approaches and indigenous studies perspectives, and asks how the question of decolonisation and queerness may intersect and mutually inform each other against a background marked by settler and/or post-colonial conditions.

Expertise Details

Transnational; Decolonial; Indigenous and Feminist Pedagogies; Postcolonial and Decolonial Theories; Queer of Color Theory; Epistemologies of the Global South; Feminist and Queer Movements and Activisms in the MENA.


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