Dr Emma Spruce

Dr Emma Spruce

Teaching Fellow

Department of Gender Studies

Room No
English, French
Key Expertise
space/place; queer, postcolonial, disability, human rights

About me

Emma Spruce is a Teaching Fellow in Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights at the Department of Gender Studies, LSE. Their interdisciplinary scholarship broadly follows two trajectories to explore ‘Transnational LGBTQI Rights Imaginaries’ and ‘‘Queer’ Claims to Space’. Embedding an intersectional, transversal and empirical approach, this research crucially argues for an analysis of the colonial sexual politics of rights, elaborates a queer-feminist critique of urban inequality and injustice, and provides a unique account of the contested meanings and practices that surround LGBTQI claims to space. Emma has been awarded a number of teaching prizes for their work in the Department. 



Expertise Details

Sexuality and space/place; human rights; feminist; queer; postcolonial; disability


Spruce, E. (2016). Bigot Geography: Queering Geopolitics in Brixton, in S. Avery and K. Graham (Eds.) Sex, Time and

Place: Queer Histories of London, c.1850 to the Present. Bloomsbury: 65-80.

Spruce, E. (2014). (It’s not all) Kylie Concerts, Exotic Cocktails and Gossip: the Appearance of Sexuality through ‘Gay’

Asylum in the UK. In Evans, M., Hemmings, C., Henry, M., Johnstone, H., Madhok, S., Plomien, A., & Wearing, S. (Eds.).

The SAGE handbook of feminist theory. Sage: 275-292.

Spruce, E. (2012). Book review of R. Kulpa and J. Mizielinska eds. (2011) ‘De-Centring Western Sexualities’. Feminist

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Spruce, E. (2012). Book review of M. McManus (2011) ‘Tory Pride and Prejudice: The Conservative Party and

Homosexual Law Reform’. LSE Politics and Policy Blog.