Oumou Longley

Oumou Longley

PhD Researcher

Department for Gender Studies

Key Expertise
Black feminism, representation, Afro-pessimism

About me

Oumou Longley began her ESRC funded PhD at the LSE Department of Gender Studies in 2021. Her research explores the makings of Black life in archival material. She aims to question representations of Blackness by examining different modes of reading Black feminist experiences through the archive. With interest in the everyday informal and fugitive ways that Black lives document and archive themselves, her research explores these spaces as an opportunity to think through ways of envisioning Black feminist pasts, presents, and futures.

Oumou’s research interests orientate around questions of gender, race, archives and belonging through varying perspectives on Black feminism, Representation, Afro-pessimism, and auto-ethnography.

In 2018 she undertook an MSc Gender in the LSE gender department, having completed her undergraduate degree at UCL. As a part of the ICA New Creatives scheme she has produced audio work centring oral histories from Black community archives."

Expertise Details

Black feminism; representation; Afro-pessimism; archives; auto-ethnography