Dr Tomás  Ojeda

Dr Tomás Ojeda

Visiting Fellow

Department for Gender Studies

English, Spanish
Key Expertise
psychosocial studies, LGBTIQ+ mental health, sexual and gender diversity

About me

Dr Tomás Ojeda is a Visiting Fellow at the LSE Department of Gender Studies. He completed his PhD at LSE Gender, holds an MSc in Gender, Policy and Inequalities from the same department and also a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, specialising in psychoanalysis. Tomás’ research interests lie in the intersection of queer theory, psychosocial studies, sexual dissident critique and LGBTIQ+ mental health, with a special focus on depathologising practices.

Tomás’ doctoral research presents an interrogation of what has been called the ‘turn to sexual and gender diversity’ in the psy professions, examining the notion of the turn in its temporal, affective and psychic imaginaries. It does so by exploring how the concept of diversity has been taken up by psy professionals working with LGBTIQ+ people in Chile, asking how the ambivalences and contestations around its uses are expressive of broader psychosocial processes. His thesis is also an analysis of the ghostly elements that haunt diversity work in the present and that expose the psy professions’ troubling relationship with race, hetero-cisnormativity and the “past” of the Chilean dictatorship.

Prior to joining LSE, Tomás worked as a clinical psychologist, a diversity worker and advisor in sex education in Santiago, Chile. Together with Aiko Holvikivi and Billy Holzberg he is currently co-editing a book on transnational anti-gender politics (under contract with Palgrave’s Thinking Gender in Transnational Times series) and is an editor of Engenderings, the LSE Gender blog.

Expertise Details

psychosocial studies; sexual dissidence critique; diversity work; LGBTIQ+ mental health (conversion practices; affirmative care); anti-gender politics; narrative; and discourse analysis