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Lisa Baraitser, Leticia Sabsay, Sadie Wearing, Sumi Madhok and Clare Hemmings discussing Leticia's new book - The Political Imaginary of Sexual Freedom. Buy your copy here.


 What is your biggest Hope and Fear?

Watch sample HOPE & FEAR footage at:

Charlotte is an established visual artist who has exhibited widely nationally and internationally. For her full CV, Bio and works please visit



What we Treasure we Measure: a theatrical engagement with Gender in/equality - ParticipArte Theatre Group

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Flow: black bodies and the practice of refusal - Tina Campt

Co Sponsored with Feminist Review.

FR are pleased to reccommend a selection of papers from the journal by Tina and in which her work has made a critical contribution.

Collection - Celebrating Tina Campt

what's the ‘trans’ and where's the ‘national’ in transnational feminist practice? – a response

gendering diaspora: transnational feminism, diaspora and its hegemonies

transcultural itineraries in women's literature of migration in Italy

engendering ‘race’ in calls for diasporic community in Sweden

Other Germans: Black Germans and the politics of race, gender and memory in the Third Reich (review)

gendering diaspora: transnational feminism, diaspora and its hegemonies(an editorial from Tina's guest edited issue, 'gendering disapora')

Like what you see? We also recommend issue 104 of Feminist Review, titled 'Affects and Creolisation', for further reading.




Reimagining Peacekeeping: gender 'race' and militarisation in the global order - Marsha Henry

marsha and clare                    

             Listen to Podcast - Marsha Henry 20th September 2017




Gender and Human Rights: Seeking Gender beyond the Liberal Imaginary - Ratna Kapur

Ratna website
Here are some photographs taken at Ratna's very popular event