Students' Work

Over the years, students at LSE Gender have produced some outstanding work. The following is just a sample of the innovative and high calibre work that our students have done:

Student Working Papers

These short papers, written by MSc students at LSE Gender, were prepared for the Sexuality, Gender and Globalisation conference, as part of their assessment for their course. The students were encouraged to work on topics related to (but not necessarily represented on) the course itself, and to take up and apply the theoretical approaches they had been introduced to.

Student Zines (2014-15 Cohort)

For Cumberland Lodge 2015, the students who attended the workshop '(Un)bridging Academic and Activism?' created their own zines. We have collected images of some of the zines created by the students. Copies of these zines will also be kept in The Women's Library @ LSE.

LSE Gender Student Posters 

These posters were created by some of the PhDs at LSE Gender to summarise their research topics. The posters were displayed at the Gender Institute's 20th Anniversary Conference.