Dr Francisco Torres

Dr Francisco Torres

Visiting Senior Fellow in European Political Economy

European Institute

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About me

Francisco Torres is Visiting Senior Fellow in European Political Economy at the LSE. He is also a Visiting Professor of European Political Economy at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and a PEFM Research Associate of the European Studies Centre at St Antony’s College, Oxford University. Prior to joining LSE, he was Fellow and Senior Member at St Antony’s College, Oxford University, Visiting Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Research of the European University Institute, Florence, and the first Robert Schuman Fellow of the European Commission at CEPS, Brussels. Before moving to Oxford and London in 2012, where he teaches European and International Political Economy, he taught mainly at the Catholic University in Lisbon (both at the Economics Department and as Director and Research Coordinator of the European Studies Centre), at the National Institute for Public Administration (where he coordinated the area of European Integration and International Economics) and the University of Aveiro (Associate Professor). He also taught at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, and at the University of Rome II (Tor Vergata), among others. He holds a Ph.D. in European Political Economy (UCP, Lisbon), an MSc in Economics (UNL, Lisbon) and a ‘licenciatura’ also in Economics (UCP, Lisbon). He also studied Economics at the EUI, in Florence (PhD progr.), where he published three Economics WPs, and holds an MA in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins University, SAIS. He is EU Steering Committee Member of ECPR and a Research Associate of EUSA’s Political Economy Section.

Research Interests

European integration, institutional change, economic reform in EMU and EU and global governance. Broader area of research: International (and European) Political Economy. 

Selected Publications

Publications include various (co-)edited and co-authored books on EMU and EU governance by: Cambridge University Press (1993, with Francesco Giavazzi); UC Press (1996); St Martin’s Press (1998, with Jeff Frieden and Erik Jones); EUI Press (2004, with Amy Verdun, Chiara Zilioli and Hubert Zimmermann); Nomos Verlag (2006, with Amy Verdun and Hubert Zimmermann); Principia (2003, with Brian Ardy, Iain Begg and Waltraud Schelkle; prefaced by Jacques Delors).

His most recent books are: Governance of the European Monetary Union, Routledge (2016, with Erik Jones) and Brexit, UC Press (2017, with Annette Bongardt), (here). Forthcoming Books include: The Political Economy of Adjustment throughout and beyond the Eurozone crisis, Routledge, 2019 (with Michele Chang and Federico Steinberg); and The Political and Economic Consequences of Brexit, Edward Elgar, 2019 (with Annette Bongardt and Simona Talani).

He has published numerous articles in academic journals, most recently in Intereconomics (here), Review of European Economic Policy; South European Society and Politics, Journal of European Integration (here) and Journal of Economic Policy, and chapters in the recent handbooks on European Integration by Oxford University Press (2012), Palgrave (2013) and Routledge (2015, 2018). He has also co-edited two journal Special Issues on work on the crisis and EMU/EU governance carried out at the LSE: Journal of European Integration (2015), Journal of Economic Policy (2016) and is preparing a new one on The Political economy of euro area bailouts (2017/18).

Joint work with A. Bongardt on Structural Reform presented at a conference on the ECB that he co-organized at King’s College in June 2015 and on EMU as a Sustainable Currency Area, came out in Europe in Crisis: a Structural Analysis, Palgrave (2016), and in The Euro and the Crisis, Springer, Verlag (2017), respectively. He has been working with Annette Bongardt on a broader concept of sustainability (see example here) on economic reform, the euro crisis, EU environmental policy, the ‘optimal size’ of a Union (the EU and EMU), notably on Brexit (here) and on States and Regions in European integration, and on the new generation of EU trade agreements (various articles, namely Routledge Handbook of International Trade Agreements; and on-going book manuscript for Routledge, With A. Bongardt).