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Dr Xuxin Mao

Visiting Fellow

European Institute

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Key Expertise
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Macroeconometric Forecasting

About me

Dr Xuxin Mao is currently a steering group member of Office for National Statistics and visiting fellow in economics and big at London School of Economics and Political Science.

He studied in China and Europe with full scholarship and hold PhD in Finance from the University of Glasgow, MSc degrees in economics, finance and mathematics from Copenhagen, la Sorbonne and Bielefeld, and Bachelor in Economics from Renmin University of China.

As experienced economist, he worked across industries and countries as academic researcher and lecturer at Universities of Copenhagen and Glasgow, investment banker at UOB, and Big Data forecaster at AECOM. Between 2016 and 2018, he worked at University College London (UCL) as Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics. At UCL he led and managed £0.16 million projects on Big Data macroeconomic index modelling and forecasting, which generated a £1 million plus project, industrial impact, and collaborations with ONS and BOJ. He also developed external relationships in the UK (ONS, HM Treasury) and worldwide (Asian Development Bank, Bank of Japan, etc.), and organized international visits, seminars & conferences. He supervised three PhD students and more than 20 MSc students, and led and taught three modules in economics and econometrics.

Equipped with skills in statistical and econometric analysis (Eviews, OxMetrics, STATA, and WinRATS) and Big Data analytics, I have developed an innovative method, namely the Topic Retrieved, Uncovered and Structurally Tested (TRUST) methodology, for Big Data analysis and trend prediction for both academic and practical purposes. His research has been funded by various grants, and presented at international meetings, featured third times on BBC Scotland 2015, covered by Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, etc., and on a trajectory of publishing in 3* or 4* journals.

While being an outstanding economist, he has a deep knowledge in text mining and natural language processing. At European Institute, he will adopt these techniques for research on structural reforms and European integration to analyse EU labour market legislation documents. In addition, he will work with Professor Paul De Grauwe and build sentiment and uncertainty indices with Big Data in the context of behavioral macroeconomics.

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Expertise Details

Artificial Intelligence; Big Data Analytics; Macroeconometric Forecasting; International Finance; Housing and Construction Focusing on China; UK and EU.