Welcome 2020

Welcome to the LSE Department of Economics! Find key information about your Welcome Week below. Please note, these events are for Department of Economics MSc students taking EC400/EC451. 

Key Dates: Registration and Welcome Events


Registration Dates for MSc students in the LSE Department of Economics
 Date  Event

26 August 2020

MSc Economics programme (1 Year and 2nd Year Students):  Online Registration

26 August 2020 

MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics programme:  Online Registration  

23 September 2020

MSc Economics (2 Year) programme:  On-campus Enrolment

21 September 2020


Welcome week begins in the School from 21 September. This will include departmental activities (both on-campus and virtually). Details will be confirmed via email. 

Any students who registered online in August will be expected to on-campus enrol from 23 September with specific details to follow.

Welcome Events
All Zoom and event links will be sent to you via email.

Welcome Event Dates for MSc students in the LSE Department of Economics
DateTime Event 
26 August 13.00-14.00 Welcome Presentation
27 August 12.00-12.30 MSc Tutor and MSc Programmes Manager Presentation (Includes Q&A)
27 August 12.45-13.45 EC400 MSc Economics Programme Director Welcome Presentation (Includes Q&A) 
27 August 12.45-13.45 EC451 MSc EME Programme Director Welcome Presentation (Includes Q&A) 
27 August 14.00 onwards Meet your GTAs
28 August 12.00-13.15  LSE Alumni Careers Panel
28 August 13.30-14.00  MSc Graduates Hints & Tips on EC400 & EC451
28 August 14.30 onwards Virtual Escape Room (this'll be great fun!)

Key Information: LSE Alumni Careers Panel

Join us for a very insightful panel with alumni as they share job hunting tips, industry trends and career advice. This panel is chaired by Elizabeth Darlington, Director of LSE Careers.


  • Christian Ani: Analyst, Morgan Stanley (16/17 Graduate)
  • Desislava Tartova: Monetary Policy Research Analyst, ECB (17/18 Graduate)
  • Proudfong Chamornchan: Senior Economist, Bank of Thailand (17/18 Graduate)
  • Wesley Jessie: Analyst, London Economics (17/18 Graduate)
  • Deven Azvedo: Analyst, Vivid Economics (18/19 Graduate)
  • Victor Quintas Martinez: PhD in Economics, MIT (18/19 Graduate)
  • James Kelly: Analyst, Lloyds Banking Group (19/20 Graduate)
  • Maria Ambrosino: Analyst, Goldman Sachs (19/20 Graduate)