Shaping higher education: 50 years after Robbins

In October 2013, LSE hosted a conference to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication of the Robbins Report on higher education. This book is a collection of edited transcripts from the first session of the conference together with some surrounding material.

Nicholas Barr


Nicholas Barr

European Institute

Above all the central Robbins vision - high-quality higher education open to all who have the ability and aptitude to benefit - is both alive and more relevant than ever. Nicholas Barr

The conference was designed by a committee comprising Nicholas Barr, Sue Donnelly (British Library of Political and Economic Science), Howard Glennerster, Tony Travers, Simeon Underwood and Anne West, advised and supported by the Director’s Office and Press Office. Craig Calhoun was actively engaged in the intellectual shape of the conference from an early stage.


Professor Nicholas Barr

Preface: Nicholas Barr, Howard Glennerster
Introduction: David Willetts
1 What was the world like then? The context in 1963: Richard Layard
2 The Report: Claus Moser
3 What happened later? The British road to mass higher education: David Watson
4 What happened later? The way we live now: Simeon Underwood
5 Should there be a system of higher education?: Graeme Wise
Conclusion: The Robbins Report and British higher education past and future: Craig Calhoun

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