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Inflation may hit 7 per cent this year, economists warn

Regulatory divergence following Brexit will continue to cause lower trade, says John Van Reenen.

Read: The Times (£)

4 January 2022



Income inequality in India declined during the pandemic: study

Referencing research by Maitreesh Ghatak highlighting that wealth and consumption inequality reduced in the Modi years.

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31 December 2021



A whiff of compromise hints at serious talks

Referencing research by Thomas Sampson, Holger Breinlich, Elsa Leromain and Dennis Novy on ‘Exchange Rates and Consumer Prices: Evidence from Brexit’.

Read: The Financial Times (£)

18 November 2021



Is this our last chance to act on the climate crisis?

“We should hope for good progress, and for mechanisms and ways forward on how we close that gap (between emission cuts offered and those needed) further between now and 2025."

Nicholas Stern comments on the outcome of COP26 and how, unlike the Paris Summit which produced a binding global treaty, the outcome of the fortnight of negotiations in Glasgow is unlikely to be clear cut.

Read: The Guardian

30 October 2021