Lukasz Rachel

Lukasz Rachel

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

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English, German, Polish, Spanish
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Post-doc, Princeton 2021-22
Assistant Professor, UCL 2022-

Research interests
Macroeconomics (primary)
Growth, Labor, Monetary, Macro-finance, Political Economics (secondary)

Job market paper
Leisure-enhancing technological change, R&R Econometrica, October 2020


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Publications and additional papers

Publications and Additional Papers: 

An Analytical Model of Covid-19 Lockdown, Submitted, August 2020

The Second Wave, First Draft, August 2020

Uneven Growth, with Ben Moll and Pascual Restrepo, Advanced Draft, October 2020

On Secular Stagnation in Industrialized World, with Lawrence H. Summers, Published in Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, October 2019

Are Low Real Interest Rates Here to Stay?, with Thomas D Smith, published in International Journal of Central Banking, Vol 13, Number 3, September 2017. This is a shorter and revised version of Secular drivers of the global real interest rate, Bank of England Staff Working Paper 571, 2015

Assessing Vulnerabilities to Financial Shocks, with Jack Fisher, published in Journal of Risk Management, Vol. 10, Number 1, 2017


Research in progress: 

Automation, Unemployment and Inequality, work in progress, October 2020

Weak Wages and Slow Recoveries with Rana Sajedi, work in progress, October 2020

Is monetary policy boring? work in progress, October 2020


Placement Officer
Professor Mark Schankerman

Professor Ricardo Reis

Professor Ben Moll
Professor Francesco Caselli
Professor Wouter den Haan 

Professor Ricardo Reis
Professor Ben Moll
Professor Francesco Caselli

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Department of Economics,
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