Mr Giuseppe Rossitti

Mr Giuseppe Rossitti

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

English, Italian, Spanish
Key Expertise
Applied Microeconomics, Spatial Economics, Big Data, Policy Evaluation

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Research interests
Applied Microeconomics, Urban Economics, Political Economy (primary)

Job market paper
US capitals' location and ability sorting of legislators

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In this paper I exploit a novel and rich data-set with biographical information of US state legislators to investigate their sorting based on remoteness and attractiveness of the state capital. The main finding of the chapter is that in more remote US state capitals the legislators are on average less educated and experienced. The results are robust to using different measures of remoteness, based on the spatial distribution of the population, and controlling for other characteristics of the legislatures. To identify the causal effect of capitals' remoteness, I use instrumental variables relying on proximity of capitals to the state centroids. Finally, I also find that legislators' education affects public good provision and corruption.

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