Chloe De Meulenaer

Chloe De Meulenaer

PhD Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics

English, French, Italian
Key Expertise

About me

I am interested in the way global inequalities evolve in the long run; and in the determinants of social mobility in the shorter run. I am also eager to work on citizen's biased beliefs formation, and on how these biased beliefs interact with political behaviour.

I was born, raised and educated in Brussels, where I studied economics and political science, before coming to LSE in 2019.  I then worked as an Research Assistant for one year as part of the Public Economics Group. I want to do research in Economics to uncover the roots of injustice, and hopefully help level the playing field. I am also passionate about literature (especially French and Russian) and cinema (Italian neorealismo in particular), as well as photography, graphic design, and typography.

Research Interests
Public Economics, Macroeconomics, Political Economy



Expertise Details

Public Economics; Macroeconomics; Political Economy