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LSE Team wins the International Econometrics Game


Many congratulations to Eddy Zou (BSc Economics), Brooklyn Han (BSc EME), Stefanus Phan (BSc EME) and Callum Renton (BSc EME), who have been awarded first place in the challenging international ‘Econometrics Game’ hosted by the University of Chicago’s Oeconomica Society. The team won the competition with their paper ‘Covid and the City: Intra-Hospital Transmission of COVID-19’

The Econometrics Game is a competition where teams of one to four students from top universities are given a dataset and 13 hours to devise and answer a question of economic importance. Each team must then write a comprehensive research paper. The teams judged to have the best papers are then selected to present their findings in front of a panel of judges. View the team's presentation here.

This year’s judges were 2013 Nobel Laureate Professor Lars Peter Hansen, Professor Stéphane Bonhomme and Professor Robert Shimer.

Eddy, Brooklyn, Stefanus and Callum share their experience of the competition:

'It was a brilliant experience bonding with each other, and sharing our passion for economic research together. We should say that the victory reflects not just our own efforts, but importantly a culmination of all the superb teaching and extracurricular experience that we've had at LSE. We could not have done it without the support of the department, lecturers, and class teachers throughout our degree, and we're very happy we could do LSE proud in this way.'


May 2021


PaTrek 2021: Patrick Savage (BSc Economics) and friends to take on 240-mile walk for charity

patrek-2021Photo: Patrick Savage (second from the left) and friends

In March 2020, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin Lymphoma. To treat the cancer, I underwent six months of chemotherapy at the Christie Hospital and thanks to their incredible staff I'm now in remission. Without an effective treatment, I would've been left with less than a year to live; however I was incredibly lucky that this treatment was available. I know we still have a long way to go in the fight against cancer. 

To make sure we're doing our bit to ensure everyone who receives a cancer diagnosis also gets to experience the amazing feeling of beating the disease, three friends and I are doing a charity event to raise money for Cancer Research UK and The Christie Charity.  

On 22 June; Phil Saunes (Economic History), Alex Smith (Law), Jorge Stevenson (Statistics) and I will be setting off to walk the 240 miles from LSE, covering 30 to 35 miles a day, before arriving at the Christie Hospital in Manchester on 29 June. 

Beating cancer is something we can only achieve if enough funds are pledged to the goal, so a massive thank you to anyone who shares or donates! 

To get more information or to donate, please click here

Written by Patrick Savage (BSc Economics)


 May 2021