Adopt-a-plant events

Please see below information about the Adopt-a-plant events the Green Impact team has been running since 2014-2015.


On Thursday 2 March 2017 the Department of Economics held its third Adopt-a-plant event. The event was organised by the Department's Green Impact team and was sponsored by the LSE Sustainability team.

Most of the plants were purchased from the Camden Garden Centre, which is a charitable trust that provides employment opportunities through training for people disadvantaged in the labour market.

The Green Impact team also ran a Plant Surgery for repotting, soil top-ups and general advice.



The Adopt-a-plant event took place on Thursday 3 March 2016. It included a great variety and quantity of plants that aid in cleaning the air in office spaces. The event was sponsored by the LSE Sustainability team.



On Thursday 26 February 2015 the Green Impact Team of the Economics Department held the first Adopt-a-plant event.

Faculty and PhD students at the department, as well as associates of the research centres affiliated with the department were invited to adopt one of the plants that were available on the day. They were also encouraged to swap or donate plants.

The initiative was sponsored by the Department of Economics. Plants were selected among a range of air-filtering plants, such as spider plants, English ivy, and peace lilies. Read NASA's study on clean air that includes a list of air-filtering plants.