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Dr Maria Balaska

Dr Maria Balaska

Dr Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh

Professor Adam Roberts


Dr Danielle Sands

Dr Danielle Sands

Fantasy is often perceived as an escapist illusion that hinders our engagement with reality, but does this overlook its imaginative potential?

How is fantasy structured and what roles does it serve? What can it teach us about ourselves, our relationships, and our construction of reality? Can fantasy be political? Join Maria Balaska, Jason Mohaghegh, and Adam Roberts for a re-assessment of fantasy, drawing on philosophy, psychoanalysis, and art.

Maria Balaska (@Balaskamaria) is Research Fellow in Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire.

Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Babson College.

Adam Roberts (@arrroberts) is a science fiction and fantasy author, and Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature, RHUL.

Danielle Sands (@DanielleCSands) is a Fellow of the Forum for Philosophy, LSE and Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Thought, RHUL.

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