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EU LawThe first major English language textbook on European Union law was published by an LSE academic. Since then, some of the leading monographs and textbooks on the subject have been written by existing and previous faculty.  Members of the Department are on the editorial boards of the European Constitutional Law Review,  European Law Journal, the European Law Review, the German Law Journal and the Yearbook of European Environmental Law. LSE is only the university to have won the UACES prize, the leading prize for doctoral research on the EU, for research on EU law. It has won it twice. In recent times people doing doctoral research on EU law at LSE have gone on to posts at Birkbeck, Exeter, Leeds, LSE and UCL, In addition, LSE now attracts many postdoctoral fellows. In recent years, it has hosted British Academy, Marie Curie, and Newton Fellows working on EU law.

The Law Department also has two long standing research seminar series which focus on EU and European law. These have had a number of distinguished speakers. The GOLEM series has included seminars with Professors Anu Bradfurd (Columbia); Deirdre Curtin (Amsterdam); Mark Dawson (Hertie); Michelle Everson (Birkbeck); Christian Joerges (Bremen); Dan Keleman (Rutgers) Antoine Vauchez (Sorbonne); and Neil Walker (Edinburgh). The European Public Law  series has included seminars with Mattias Kumm (NYU), Hans Lindahl (Tilburg), Neil Walker (Edinburgh), Denis Baranger (Paris II), Tom Hickman (Blackstones) and Agustín Menéndez (Arena/León).


EU Law for Undergraduates

Our undergraduate (LLB) courses include:-

Law and Institutions of the European Union


EU Law for Postgraduates

EU specialisations as part of the LLM programme include:-

  • Advanced Issues of European Law

  • Environmental Protection in the European Union: Law and Policy Developments

  • European Administrative Law

  • The European Company and Cross-border Mergers in Europe

  • European Monetary and Financial Services Law:

  • European Union Competition Law :

  • European Union Law in a Global Context:

  • EU Regulation of State Commercial Activities:

  • Law of governance of the Single European Market:

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EU Law : Recent Research by EU Faculty

J. Bomhoff,Perfectionism in European Law,’ (2012) 14 Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 75-100

D. Chalmers, 'The European redistributive state and a European law of struggle' (2012) 18 European law journal  667-693

H. Collins, 'Harmonisation by Example: European Laws against Unfair Commercial Practices' (2010) 73 Modern Law Review 89-118

S. Garben, 'Sky-high controversy and high-flying claims? The Sturgeon case law in light of judicial activism, euroscepticism and eurolegalism'(2013) 50 Common Market Law Review 15-46

C. Harlow, ‘Three Phases in the Evolution of EU Administrative Law’ in P Craig and G De Búrca (eds) The Evolution of EU Law 2nd edn, Oxford University Press, 2011,  439-464

P. Ibanez-Colomo, European Communications Law and Technological Convergence. Deregulation, Re-regulation and Regulatory Convergence in Television and Telecommunications (2011,Wolters,  Kluwer)

D. Jancic, ‘The French Parliament: A European Scrutineer or National Actor?’ (2013) 19 European Public Law 129-159

J. Komárek, 'Reasoning with Previous Decisions: Beyond the Doctrine of Precedent' (2013) 61 American Journal of Comparative Law 149-172

O. Lynskey, ‘Track[ing] Changes: an Examination of EU Regulation of Online Behavioural Advertising through a Data Protection Lens’ (2011) 36 European Law Review 873-885

N. Moloney, “The European Securities and Markets Authority and Institutional Design for the EU Financial Markets – a Tale of Two Competences: Part (1) Rule-Making” 12(1) European Business Organization Law Review (2011) 41-88

J. Murkens, From Empire to Union: Conceptions of German Constitutional Law since 1871 (2013, OUP)

M. Wilkinson, ‘Political Constitutionalism and the European Union’ (2012) 76 Modern Law Review 191-222

F. de Witte (with M. Dawson), ‘Constitutional Balance in the EU after the Euro-Crisis’ (2012) 77 Modern Law Review (forthcoming)


Research Home


Research Home

EU Law :


Dr Jacco Bomhoff
(European conflict of laws; European constitutional law)

Professor Damian Chalmers
(single market law; EU public law; EU law and political theory)

Professor Carol Harlow QC, FBA (Emeritus)
(European Administrative Law, and Accountability in the EU)

Professor Trevor Hartley (Emeritus)
(European constitutional law; European conflicts of law)

Dr Veerle Heyvaert
(European environmental law)

Dr Pablo Ibáñez Colomo
(Substantive EU Law)

Mr Jan Komarek
(European judicial process, European constitutional law and theory)

Dr Orla Lynskey
(European Financial Services Law)

Professor Niamh Moloney
(European Financial Services Law)

Dr Jo Murkens
(Institutional and Constitutional law of the EU)

Mr Ian Roxan
(European taxation law)

Dr Michael Wilkinson
(EU law and political theory, European constitutional law)

Dr Floris de Witte (LSE Fellow)
(EU law and political theory; Constitutional and Substantive EU law)


EU Law :

Current and Recent EU Law Post-doctoral Research Fellows

Dr Madalina Busioc

Dr Marco Dani

Dr Michèle Finck

Dr Claire Marzo

Dr Nikos Skoutaris

EU Law :

Recently Completed Doctoral Research at LSE

Luis Barroso, ‘The problems and the controls of the new administrative state of the EU’

Mariana Chaves, ‘The Evolution of EU Criminal Law 1970-2010’

P. Kapotas, 'Positive action as a means to achieve full and effective equality in Europe’

Mihalis Kritikos, ‘Institutions and Science in the Authorization of GMO Releases in the EU (1990-2007): The False Promise of Proceduralism’ Winner of UACES Prize for best PhD in European Studies 2008.
Ronan McRea, ‘Religion and the public order of the European Union’ Winner of UACES Prize for best PhD in European Studies 2010.

A.Papadopoulos 'The Role of the Competition Law and Policy of the EU in the Formation of International Agreements on Competition'

Iyiola Solanke, 'The evolution of anti-racial discrimination law in England, Germany and the European Union'

Floris de Witte, 'EU law and the Question of Justice'


EU Law :

Current Research Students

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