Irene is currently involved in projects looking at different political economy regimes in the green transition, as well as monetary and fiscal coordination. She joins CETEx and the Grantham Research Institute from the Bank of England, where she helped establish the Climate Project team, leading projects on topics including traded risk and climate litigation. Irene also worked for the net zero and energy workstreams at the Bank, notably coordinating external engagement on energy risks with HM Treasury, Ofgem, DESNZ and the Financial Conduct Authority. This included the Energy Market Financing Scheme, set up to address the liquidity requirements of energy companies during the 2022 energy crisis. Before working at the Bank, Irene was a doctoral student in LSE’s Law Department, where she completed her PhD on the history of regulatory investment risk frameworks.

 Research interests

  • Financial regulation and climate-related risk
  • Macroeconomic coordination for a sustainable economy 
  • Green macro-financial regimes
  • The global financial architecture and emerging markets and developing economies