Governments will need to fund and finance much of the cost associated with climate change mitigation and adaptation. CETEx’s work in this area focuses on the role of fiscal and domestic economic policy as a central mechanism for funding the transition to low-carbon and resilient economies. We also cover the role of multilateral development banks in enabling private capital flows to emerging markets and developing economies through regulations and policies that mitigate unintended negative consequences.

We focus on four research and policy areas:

  1. Funding and financing the transition – developing options for how governments can fund and finance climate change mitigation and adaption costs.
  2. Fiscal risks – identifying and quantifying fiscal risks from the transition and opportunities to mitigate them.
  3. Modelling – developing ways to better incorporate climate into macroeconomic and fiscal modelling.
  4. Green jobs – supporting policymakers in their efforts to secure high-quality green jobs for their citizens.