CETEx’s vision is a future where evidence-based research and technical analysis guide informed policy change, driving the transition to sustainable economies, and fostering equitable, sustainable and prosperous societies. We are committed to providing cutting-edge research, actionable insights and strategic guidance to policymakers, businesses and stakeholders, driving ambitious reforms and catalysing positive change.

We envision a Europe where sustainable, inclusive and resilient economies and financial systems thrive, fostering prosperity and wellbeing for all citizens and where the worst impacts of environmental degradation are avoided. We will use our combined expertise and leadership to pursue a future where economic growth is balanced with social equity, environmental stewardship and long-term resilience, ensuring a prosperous and thriving planet for generations to come.

Strategic approach

CETEx builds compelling arguments to support change by conducting research and policy analysis and distilling these into practical recommendations and proposals for policymakers across Europe. We fill a gap in the academic, research, policy and civil society ecosystem, stepping in where public financial institutions have limited capacity or policy space to develop ambitious policy reform proposals.

We tailor the format of our outputs and engagements by topic area and according to demand from financial policy institutions. Our approach is fundamentally collaborative and builds on the organisation and hosting of conferences, events, workshops and other forms of public and private engagement.

Working across two main themes, Monetary and Financial Markets, and Economic and Fiscal Policy, alongside a range of Foundational Topics, we provide:

  • Academic research to provide evidence that decision-makers can use for justifying and informing policy change and options to enable them to make informed decisions based on preferences, values and goals.
  • Policy analysis, blueprints and recommendations in the form of technical implementation guidance and policy recommendations and advice, to enhance the efficacy of decision-making environments.
  • Capacity-building for policymakers in the form of tailored training on frontier topics to help overcome the significant challenge presented by the need to transition to sustainable, inclusive and resilient economies and financial systems.
  • Technical assistance to European financial policy institutions through requested secondments, with the aim of expanding capacity in specialised topic areas.

Our expertise

The CETEx team brings together senior expertise, applied policy and regulatory experience with significant analytical and research capacity in a team that is specialised in monetary, prudential and financial market policy, and in economic and fiscal policy.

Our core team of in-house policy analysts and researchers come from diverse backgrounds, drawing on expertise from both academia and European financial policy institutions.

CETEx also serves as a hub that supports and hosts experienced former officials from financial policy institutions. This network of affiliated senior experts provides the applied senior financial policy and regulatory expertise.