Library of the Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies.


The range of research carried out at the Centre is reflected in the titles of the Cañada Blanch Series and in the books and articles in peer-reviewed journals published by the Director, Professor Sebastian Balfour and other members of staff and of the many visiting researchers. The bulk of the work carried out at the Centre is focused on the history, politics, society and economy of Spain from the early twentieth century to the present day.

Within that context, in the broadest sense, the topics which have established the reputation of the research carried out at the Centre are the origins, course and consequence of the Spanish Civil War, the Franco regime, the transition to democracy and contemporary politics. More specifically, important work has been carried out in the history of medicine in Spain, the International Brigades during the Civil War, the Francoist repression in the war and after, Basque and Catalan nationalism, political parties since 1977, the monarchy, biographical studies of major political figures and civil-military relations.

Cañada Blanch Centre Students' Discussion Group (16 November 2017): Fraser Raeburn (University of Edinburgh) presented a chapter of his thesis entitled ‘“No es Ingles – Escoces”: Relations between Scots and Spaniards in the International Brigades’ and Nick Sharman (University of Nottingham) presented a chapter of his thesis entitled ‘Spain in the First World War: Britain’s Informal Colony?’.
In the picture, Conxita Mir, Sebastian Browne, Nick Sharman, Jonatan Poveda and Carlos Píriz among other participants.