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TPH and the global trade environment

Understanding trade in a complex and uncertain global trade environment is a key priority for policymakers and businesses. Trade policy has an impact on the ability of countries to integrate into the global economy and on their capacity to implement and benefit from regional trade agreements, and is critical in achieving progress towards the UN SDGs. In this context, there is a growing demand for evidence-based, rigorous research and advice for organisations. 

Trade is an essential component for countries to be able to integrate in the global economy

The Trade Policy Hub has been set up and developed by Dr Elitsa Garnizova to offer insights which enable governments to resolve complex decisions about trade policy trade-offs and companies to navigate regulatory regimes, make use of new market openings, and gain competitive advantage.

Our specialisms include the technical aspects, legal requirements, and business benefits of trade agreements. To address current challenges, we focus on newly emerging areas including:

-   digital trade
-   data rules
-   sustainability

Additionally, we explore topics at the intersection of trade policy and other areas which have become more relevant for understanding the trade-offs companies and governments face in decision-making. These include:

-   global governance
-   finance
-   geopolitics
-   security

We also offer insights into the wider implications of trade and investment policies. We focus, for example, on:

-   Preferential trade agreements (PTAs)
-   The future of key institutions
-   Divergence and convergence in trade policy

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TPH programme participation

SUCCESS programme


TPH has been awarded a place on the highly competitive SUCCESS programme, which is a first-of-its-kind incubator programme designed to help social scientists with innovative and marketable research ideas. Funded by the Aspect network, SUCCESS provides training, support and funding to transform ideas into a business or social enterprise. The programme's cohort are benefitting from support to build their idea, including a bootcamp focused on imparting entrepreneurial skills, and the opportunity to pitch to investors for prize money of up to £50,000.



Our Trade Policy Hub has been awarded a place in the highly competitive ICURe Innovation-to-Commercialisation programme and received a £35k fund to carry out market validation of our research-based business idea. 

ICURe is a 13-week national programme funded by Innovate UK to offer university researchers with commercially promising ideas up to £50k to ‘get out of the lab’ and validate their ideas in the marketplace.

For the Trade Policy Hub, the programme will be a journey to better understand what kind of expertise should be provided to prepare organisations to respond to the multiple challenges in the global trade environment.