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What we offer

LSE experts Professor Michael Bruter and Dr Sarah Harrison (EPO) offer research-orientated consultancy that focuses on the understanding of the psychology of voters and the optimisation of the ergonomics of electoral procedures and mechanisms to optimise democratic legitimacy, participation, and satisfaction.

It's about understanding the psychology of voters and optimising the ergonomics of electoral procedures

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Electoral reform

Understanding the opportunities for reform taking into account the social and political context of each country and studying the potential outcome of changes in the electoral system in order to improve citizens’ trust and representability. 

What we do: 
>   Legal and political audits of electoral systems
>   Studies of constitutional reform
>   Electoral simulation
>   Benchmarking of electoral organisation and practice
>   Registration reform
>   Bespoke remote voting audits and solutions

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Voter engagement

Discovering the causes of people’s interest in, trust in, and satisfaction with elections and supporting stakeholders to enhance positive attitudes towards political participation. 

What we do: 
>   Evaluations of voter's perceptions and attitudes
>   Expert advice for information and communication campaigns
>   Assessment of citizens’ voting experience
>   Optimisation of registration and electoral participation protocols
>   Support for civic education campaigns
>   Systematic audits of categories under-engaged in electoral processes and civic education campaigns

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Optimisation of electoral procedures

Supporting electoral management bodies who wish to optimise the design of elections – in the broadest possible sense – in order to consolidate democratic legitimacy, boost participation and enhance voters’ satisfaction.

What we do: 
Evaluation and testing of electoral procedures
>   Electoral technology benchmarking
>   Evaluation of electoral technologies
>   Expert advice on implementing new electoral procedures
>   Optimisation of electoral procedures for first time voters
>   Optimisation of electoral procedures for citizens with disabilities (including mental and learning disabilities)

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Training for election officials and policymakers

Preparing election officials for the challenges ahead, from understanding voters’ reactions and dealing with those with special needs to training polling station staff to respond more effectively to voters’ needs and reactions.

What we do: 
   Training for policymakers and Electoral Management Bodies