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What we offer

We offer bespoke opportunities to collaborate with UK and international academic institutions, think tanks, policy makers, private sector companies, development banks and civil society actors. 

We aim to to tackle challenges from the subnational to cross-country and regional levels

Our services correspond to the four thematic areas of expertise:

-  Public policy and urban infrastructure
-  Trade, innovation and entrepreneurship
-  Violence, security and peace
-  Inequality, citizenship and inclusion


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Capacity Building

LACC's experts have developed learning tools to equip government agencies, as well as organisations from the private sector, with relevant skills and knowledge. These capacity building opportunities also provide a platform for knowledge exchange, leveraging the convening power of LSE and its network of experts. Examples are: 

>  Training
>  Lectures
>  Speaking engagements
>  Workshops
>  Public events
>  Book launches

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Country Analysis

Our experts provide national or subnational analyses of relevant data points of a specific industry or sector. This involves examination of the economic, social, and political environment to provide strategic insights.

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Policy Analysis and Impact Assessment

We offer policy evaluation of single and multi-country initiatives, using different methodological approaches. This includes full impact assessments or engaging throughout the different stages of evaluation.

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Participatory Research Design

Together with quantitative and qualitative approaches, our experts offer high-quality and impactful quantitative and qualitative participatory research design. We engage in developing sustainable projects and providing support for bottom-up policy design.