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Consultancy is an opportunity to provide your expert opinion and research expertise to external organisations. It allows you to engage with key stakeholders and to challenge accepted perceptions, concepts and ideas.

LSE Consulting supports academics to work with non-academic partners to create real impact for research

Professor Julia Black, Strategic Director of Innovation

Why work with LSE Consulting?

Create impact
Projects run by LSE Consulting often generate impact in the wider world. Their influence on businesses, governments or civil society actors can be clearly traced through operational changes within organisations or the selection and implementation of policies. Additionally, all projects run through LSE Consulting are eligible under the School’s Research Excellence Framework.

Generate additional income
Consultancy work is a way to boost your personal income or provide you with additional research funds. Research funds can be used for many purposes, for example to cover LSE salary costs, to fund buyout of academic time, to cover travel and subsistence costs, or to support conference attendance.

Develop collaborative networks
LSE Consulting provides an opportunity to gain valuable experience within markets related to your research interests. This includes connecting with key funders, clients and stakeholders, and creating opportunities to develop new projects. We can also link to other parts of the School to share resources and maximise funding.

Access the LSE brand and professional support
Working with LSE Consulting allows you to use the LSE brand in your consulting work. We also provide access to necessary professional insurance and deliver contractual and financial management.

Typically LSE Consulting pays academics over £1.5 million in fees over the course of a financial year

How does LSE Consulting fit within the School?

Engagement with the wider world has always been at the heart of the School's mission. LSE Consulting provides an opportunity for you to engage with key stakeholders and to challenge accepted perceptions, concepts and ideas. Influence policymakers, businesses and governments around the world, by applying your research and knowledge to real issues. 

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