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How to work with LSE Consulting

We help with proposal support, contract management, project management, partnerships, and product and service development. Consulting projects are identified either by LSE Consulting through the regular monitoring of projects with UK and international clients, or by academics through their own sources and networks.

Consulting projects are identified either by LSE Consulting or by academics through their own sources and networks

Route 1: LSE Consulting approaches LSE Academics

Opportunities which align with the School’s remit are sent to academics based on their expressions of interest to our team and/or based on their LSE Experts profile page. We aim to capture as many relevant opportunities as possible through a number of ways:  

  • Monitoring public procurement opportunities published by UK, EU, and major international organisations to identify research projects which may be of interest to academics in any department of the School
  • Maintaining relationships with major public policy consulting firms and research organisations for access to different projects for collaborative research
  • Ensuring ‘preferred supplier’ positions through public framework contracts
  • Managing requests for research from private companies

Route 2: LSE Academics approach LSE Consulting

In addition, academics are encouraged to approach our team for support with both public and private opportunities they identify on their own or through their networks. See the following section for more information on how our team can help with a project or proposal.  

Get in touch to express your interest in receiving consulting opportunities or if you would like our support in your consulting activity.

How we support consulting activity

LSE Consulting offers flexible and varied support that is tailored to the nature of the project and the needs of both clients and academics. 

We help with:

Proposal support

Proposal support
Identification of new opportunities
Advice on procurement processes
Guidance on proposal structure, organisation and timelines
Budget preparation

Contract management

Contract management
Contractual and Intellectual Property negotiation
Financial management
Contracting of all experts
Provision of professional indemnity insurance

Project management

Project management
Liaison with clients
Management of large multidisciplinary teams
Coordination of the project team
Desk research, report drafting and proofreading
Administration of surveys and stakeholder interviews
Project websites and dissemination of research findings


Partnerships with academic departments
Market intelligence
Targeted business development
Portfolio management
Department promotion

P&S development

Product and service development
Advice on packaging of products and services
Intellectual Property protection
Design of pricing models
Marketing support

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