Dr Yan Hu

Dr Yan Hu

Visiting fellow

Department of Anthropology

English, Mandarin
Key Expertise
Sino-Burmese Border, Southwest China

About me

Dr Hu conducted long-term fieldwork among the Dai of Ruili City on Sino-Burmese border, Yunnan Province, PRC. Her research focuses on long term migration patterns among the Dai and explores the changing demographics of traditional Dai communities which have in recent year seen an increase in Han and Burmese workers settling into those areas. She is explaining the phenomena from the view of cosmopolitanism. In the fieldwork, she notices that the changes of existential conditions of both migrants and locals resulted from the social and cultural transformation and pays attention to the viewpoints of existential anthropology. Dr Hu is working on her book manuscript on the Dai, and on the Chinese translation of Michael Jackson’s Existential Anthropology.

Expertise Details

Dai people along Sino-Burmese Border; Southwest China; Globalization and Cosmopolitanism

Selected Publications


In preparation Hu, Yan ed. (under contract). Cultural Approaches and Cultural Fragmentation in Globalization[Quanqiuhua zhong de Wenhua Lujing he Wenhua Suipian], Xueyuan Publishing House.

Translation (in proofreading) Jackson, Michael. A Selected Readings of Existential Anthropology [Cunzai Renleixue Duben], Hu, Yan (ed.), Xueyuan Publishing House.

Journal articles

Hu, Yan. On the Spatiality of Rural Education Poverty Alleviation in the Border Ethnic Minority Areas [Bianjiang Minzu Diqu Nongcun Jiaoyu Fupin de Kongjianxing Sikao],Journal of Research on Education for Ethnic Minorities[Minzu Jiaoyu Yanjiu], 2020, Vol.157(2):85-95.

Hu, Yan. A Reflection on the University of Cultural Capital Based on the Analysis of Widely-accepted of the Uselessness of Study among Dai People in Ruili of Yunnan Province [you Dushu Wuyonglun Shenshi Wenhua Ziben de Pushixing], Journal of Research on Education for Ethnic Minorities[Minzu Jiaoyu Yanjiu], 2018, Vol.146(3):121-127.

Hu, Yan. Audience-related phenomenological multi-vocality or multi-perspectives: Cultural landscaping of Dai people, Irish Journal of Anthropology, 2011, Vol.14(1):52-60.

Hu, Yan. Mind and Power[Xinling yu Quanli], MUC Postgraduate Journal [Minzu Daxue Yanjiusheng Xuekan], 2006(2).

Book chapters

Hu, Yan, and Li, Kaiping. 2019. Cosmopolitanism in Practice [Shijian zhong de Shijie Zhuyi]. China in the World, 70 Years Global Migration and Comminication [Shijie de Zhongguo, Qianxi yu

Jiaowang 70 nian], World Affairs Publishing House[Shijie Zhishi Chubanshe],2019:80-98.

Hu, Yan. Education and Change of Life of Rural Dai Girls in Ruili [Ruili Nongcun Daizu Nvxing Jiaoyu yu Rensheng Guiji de Bianhua], Essays on Ethnic Culture and Gender Studies[Minzu Wenhua yu Shehui Xingbie Lunwenji], Min Song and E Ding (eds), Minzu Publishing House[Minzu Chubanshe],2019:171-185.

Hu, Yan. Bio-politics of Dai Girls: Work, Marriage and ‘Desirable’ Living Style,

History of the Girl, Mary O’Dowd(eds). Palgrave, 2018:237-254.


Marti, Judith E. An Economic Anthropological Study on the Decision-making Strategies and Policies of Mexican Municipalities in Early Industrialization, Huang Juan & Hu Yan (trans.), Journal of Guangxi University For Nationalities[Guangxi Minzu Xueyuan Xuebao], 2006(3):51-57+69.

Plattner, Stuart The Local Art Market in Florence, Italy, Hu Yan (trans.), Journal of Guangxi University For Nationalities[Guangxi Minzu Xueyuan Xuebao], 2005(06): 38-46.