Ms Branwen Spector

Ms Branwen Spector

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Department of Anthropology

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Arabic, English, German, Spanish
Key Expertise
Palestine/Israel, settlement, infrastructure, mobility, methods

About me

My doctoral research looked at how Palestinian refugees and Israeli settlers in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank experience mobility through road, internet, and human infrastructures. My work explored the ways settlers and refugees as differently-situated migrant groups dealt with the challenges of movement in a discontinuous setting, focusing specifically on problematising misconceptions of mobility and segregation in the region. In this study I produced the first English-language research on settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank to show how control over mobility is a central aspect of modern governance and how Israeli settlement infrastructures contribute to Israel’s creeping annexation of the Palestinian West Bank.

I am currently developing a postdoctoral research project on new migration pathways into the European Union via Belarus. I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education with a specialism in pastoral care.

I am the co-founder of The New Ethnographer, a blog and consultancy that writes and teaches about challenges in fieldwork. Our work creates a space for researchers to discuss these challenges and reflect on how institutional training can be improved to reflect intersubjective identities of researchers while working compassionately for ourselves and the communities we work with. The New Ethnographer runs training workshops for researchers conducting fieldwork and offers an audit service for departments looking to reform their training programmes.

I am also the co-founder of the LSE Digital Ethnography Collective, a group of global scholars exploring digital research and methods. We host regular seminars, workshops, and lectures.

Teaching experience: 

Brunel University, Department of Anthropology 2021

University College London, Department of Anthropology 2021

London School of Economics, Department of Anthropology 2018-2020.

Bard College NY (Jerusalem Campus), Department of Urban Studies, 2016-2018.

The New Ethnographer Pre-Field Training Workshops (LSE, EUI, University of Geneva, University of Lisbon) 2020-Present.

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Mobility; infrastructure; migration; occupation; social media

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