The New Pan-Africanism

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The New Pan-Africanism: Globalism and the Nation State in Africa (I.B. Tauris, 2019)

A scholarly account of debates around the new Pan-Africanism and nationalism in Africa – the new book from LSE Senior Visiting Fellow Michael Amoah.

New Pan-africanism book

Nationalism and the nation state, globalization and Pan-Africanism are leading international relations concepts which have a particular relevance for Africa as an emerging economic power. This book examines the concept of nationalism, the nationalist mind-set or ‘psychology of nationalism’ and the role of the nation state in an era of globalism and globalization.

The ‘new’ Pan-Africanism is a growing force, spurred by economic growth and Africa’s rising global significance, and recent years have seen the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area. Michael Amoah here investigates concepts of nationalism and the nation state through case studies of eight countries and discusses the impact of globalism in African states where Pan-Africanism is an increasingly significant factor in both domestic politics and international relations.

The book provides and addresses:

  • A comprehensive analysis on the state of conflict and security across Africa
  • Global governance and the handling of conflicts in Africa by the international system and African regional bodies
  • Capability assessment on the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) and the Continental Early Warning System (CEWS)
  • The constitutional analysis on the presidential extensions of 19 African heads of state
  • Political economy and new security challenges facing Africa
  • Pragmatic solutions to Africa’s political, security and foreign policy challenges
  • An up-to-date chronology on development indicators in Africa


‘Michael Amoah’s new book is a significant interrogation of Pan-Africanism in an era where the forces of nationalism and globalism compete and ruin the prospects of stability, progress and unity.’
– Stephen Chan OBE, Professor of International Relations, SOAS University of London

‘Amoah’s clearly written book is a good antidote for overblown claims about the emergence of African developmental states or a continent-wide “renaissance”. It is a timely and sobering read.’
– Tim Allen, Professor of Development Anthropology, London School of Economics

‘The book sets a scene for an important discussion on a much-neededalteration of political infrastructure of the African continent.’
– Thembisa Fakude, Researcher, Research Centre,Al Jazeera Center for Studies

'The book recommends that “The AU chain of command needs to be revised to have a technocratic body to which heads of government must answer to” (p. 230), especially to adhere to fixed terms of office. It is impossible to expect heads of government, who themselves are guilty of tenure extension, to enforce such rules. It should no longer be standard practice for sitting heads of government to extend their stay in power without the AU's intervention.  How and when this governance problem can be resolved is perhaps the most pressing issue for the African continent.  But the book demonstrates that an important start has been made.  Amoah has written an important book pointing out that an ethical imperative is necessary in this context as well as practical ideas.'
– Victor Jatula, University of Utah (Asia Campus, South Korea) 

Michael Amoah is a Visiting Fellow at the Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa, Institute of Global Affairs, the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the author of Nationalism, Globalization and Africa; A Decade of Ghana and Reconstructing the Nation in Africa (I.B.Tauris).

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Available now: £23.99 21.59

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