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CPAID Investigators

CPAID will use innovative approaches to research beyond narrow academic concerns...building on our deep and long-term engagement with the cultures, politics, histories and security dynamics of many African countries.
Profile photo of Tim Allen

Professor Tim Allen is Principal Investigator for the Centre for Public Authority and International Development.

Professor of Development Anthropology in LSE's Department of International Development and Director of the Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa, Tim Allen has expertise in the fields of complex emergencies, ethnic conflict, health and forced migration.



Profile photo of Dr Melissa Parker

Professor Melissa Parker is an Investigator for CPAID and a medical anthropologist at the Department of Global Health and Development, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Melissa has worked on a range of global health issues in Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda and in 2014 helped to establish the Ebola Response Anthropology Platform.



Duncan mugshot 2017

Dr Duncan Green is an Investigator for CPAID and a Senior Strategic Adviser at Oxfam GB.

Duncan is the author of How Change Happens and From Poverty to Power: How Active Citizens and Effective States can Change the World. He also runs the blog 'From Poverty to Power'

Twitter: @fp2p


Profile photo of researcher Tatiana Carayannis

Dr Tatiana Carayannis is an Investigator for CPAID and Director of the Social Science Research Council’s Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum and Understanding Violent Conflict program.

Tatiana also leads the SSRC’s China-Africa Knowledge Project and the SSRC Academic Network on Peace, Security and the UN.

Twitter: @TCarayannis



Professor Koen Vlassenroot is an Investigator for CPAID and the Director of the Conflict Research Group (CRG) at Ghent University.

Koen is also Director of the Africa Programme at the Egmont Institute in Brussels and an international expert on conflict dynamics in Central Africa. He conducts research on armed groups, conflict and governance.

Twitter: @kvlassen


Experts-Alex de Waal 300x300

Professor Alex de Waal is an Investigator for CPAID and a co-Director for research at the LSE Conflict Research Programme.

Alex is also an Executive Director of the World Peace Foundation at the Fletcher School, Tufts University, and has worked in north-east Africa for thirty years, including as an adviser on Sudan to the African Union.


CPAID Research Fellows

Ahmed M Musa

Dr Ahmed Musa | CPAID Visiting Fellow

Dr Ahmed Musa is a postdoctoral researcher for the Diaspora Humanitarian in Complex Crises research project at the Danish Institute for International Studies, Nairobi’s Institute of Development Studies, Rako Research and Communication Centre and the Rift Valley Institute.

Research interests: livestock trade, political economy, state formation
Region: Somalia



Elizabeth Ngutuku | CPAID Visiting Fellow

Dr Elizabeth Ngutuku has a PhD in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her work investigates young people’s experience of poverty, vulnerability, citizenship claims and sexual and reproductive health.

Research interests: youth, education, support networks
Regions: Kenya, Tanzania


Moritz Schubert1

Moritz Schuberth | CPAID Visiting Fellow

Moritz Schuberth is a security and development expert with extensive experience managing projects and conducting research in fragile and conflict-affected settings. He works at UNODC as Associate Expert in Evaluation.

Research interests: peacekeeping, security governance, organised crime, urban violence
Regions: DRC


Profile photo of Rebecca Tapscott

Rebecca Tapscott | CPAID Visiting Fellow

Dr Rebecca Tapscott is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, focusing on the relationship between violence and governance in illiberal democratic regimes.

Research interests: statebuilding, democratic governance, armed conflict, violence
Regions: Uganda


CPAID Researchers


Abraham Diing Akoi | CPAID Researcher

Abraham Diing Akoi began his formal education in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya, and graduated from LSE with a Masters in Development Studies, and he remains part of the PfAL network.

Research interests: return and displacement, public authority
Region: South Sudan


Dr Muez Ali

Muez Ali is a doctoral researcher at the UCL Energy Institute. His research focuses on the effects of urbanisation, governance and land policy on energy consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Research interests: political economy of energy, economic development, social policy, Sudan economic history
Regions: Sudan, Sub-Saharan Africa



Dorothy Atim | CPAID Researcher

Dorothy Atim holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Makerere University and a post-graduate diploma in Project Planning and Management from Gulu University. Her work focusses on formerly abducted children in the Lord's Resistance Army.

Research interests: psychotherapy, child soldiers
Region: Uganda


Jacky Atingo best300x300

Jacky Atingo | CPAID Researcher

Jacky Atingo holds an MSc in Development Studies with a major in Human Rights and social justice from Erasmus University Rotterdam, a post-graduate diploma in Peace and Conflict Management from Gulu University.

Research interests: gender-based violence, rebel movements, transitional justice, ex-combatants
Region: Northern Uganda



Lawrence Sao Babawo | CPAID Researcher

Lawrence Sao Babawo is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Community Health Sciences in the Department of Nursing, Njala University. He is a member of the government's COVID-19 Scientific, Technical, Advisory Group for Emergencies.

Research interests: epidemics, health emergencies, health responses
Region: Sierra Leone


Bauma Balume

Bauma Balume | CPAID Researcher

Bauma Balume is a lawyer by training whose research examines access to social services, focusing on Goma’s most vulnerable residents and how they navigate daily challenges.

Research interests: social services, magic, the occult, water governance
Region: DRC


Image result for catherine Boone

Catherine Boone | CPAID Researcher

Catherine Boone is Professor of Comparative Politics at LSE interested in industrial, commercial, and land tenure policies in West Africa, where her work has been funded by the SSRC, Fulbright, the World Bank and the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies.

Research interests: political economy, political development, property rights, land
Regions: Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire


Carolin Dieterle headshot

Carolin Dieterle | CPAID Researcher

Carolin Dieterle is a PhD Candidate at the LSE Department for International Development. She studies large-scale land investments and how the concept of ‘inclusive growth’ can be negotiated from national to local levels.

Research interests: land investments, inclusive growth
Regions: Uganda, Sierra Leone



Claire Elder | CPAID Researcher

Dr Claire Elder completed her DPhil in Politics at Oxford University after years of experience in north-eastern Africa and working for the International Crisis Group. Her research focuses on public authority and the political economy of state-building in weak states.

Research interests: political economy, diaspora, statebuilding, weak states
Region: Somalia



Eyob Gebremariam | CPAID Researcher

Eyob Balcha Gebremariam holds a PhD in Development Policy and Management from the University of Manchester. He researches and teaches at the LSE Department of International Development.

Research interests: political economy, youth, citizenship, waste management, economic growth
Region: Somalia



Tommy Hanson | CPAID Researcher

Tommy Matthew Hanson is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Social Work, School of Social Sciences and Law, Njala University and currently pursuing PhD in Medical Anthropology.

Research interests: public health, Ebola, burial practices, epidemics
Region: Sierra Leone



Kasper Hoffmann | CPAID Researcher

Dr Kasper Hoffmann focusses on the intersection between the formation of ethnic identities, processes of territorialisation, access to land and emerging forms of rebel and land governance.

Research interests: ethnicity, territorialisation, access to resources, land governance, rebel governance
Regions: DRC, Myanmar



Julian Hopwood | CPAID Researcher

Julian Hopwood has been based in Northern Uganda since 2006. Alongside local partners he works on post-conflict humanitarian and development programmes and policy. Julian is pursuing a PhD at Ghent University.

Research interests: humanitarianism, resilience, justice, development policy
Region: Uganda


people- Godefroid MUZALIA KIHANGU

Godefroid Muzalia Kihangu | CPAID Researcher

Dr Godefroid Muzalia Kihangu is a Professor at l’Institut Supérieur Pédagogique (ISP) in Bukavu. He also coordinates le Groupe d’Etudes sur les Conflits et la Sécurité Humaine (GEC-SH), a research group focussing on Conflicts and Human Security based at the University of Kiva. 

Research interests: peace, security, conflict, humanitarianism
Region: DRC



Tom Kirk | CPAID Researcher

Dr Thomas Kirk is a researcher and consultant based at LSE. His research interests include the provision of security and justice in conflict-affected regions, exploring how power works from top to bottom in ongoing development programs.

Research interests: security, justice, conflict, social accountability, civil society, local governance
Region: DRC


CPAID-Bol Mawien

Bol Mawein Kuany | CPAID Researcher

Bol Mawein Kuany has experience working for 13 years with INGOs including the WHO and World Vision. He has significant experience in food security from working with Vétérinaires Sans Frontières - Germany (VSF-G).

Research interests: food security, religious dimensions of war, peace, magic
Region: South Sudan


Headshot of Jonah Lipton

Jonah Lipton | CPAID Researcher

Dr Jonah Lipton is an anthropologist at LSE where he attained his PhD examining family life, work, and coming of age among young men in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Jonah gained a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Oxford.

Research interests: political economy, urban neighbourhood life, crisis and humanitarianism
Region: Sierra Leone

Twitter: @Jonah_Lipton

A profile picture of LSE researcher Anna MacDonald

Anna Macdonald | CPAID Researcher

Dr Anna Macdonald holds an MSc in the Theory and History of International Relations from the LSE and a PhD in War Studies from King’s College London. She is currently in receipt of a Leverhulme British Academy research grant.

Research interests: law, justice, statehood and social order
Region: Uganda


Profile photo of Dr Laura Mann

Laura Mann | CPAID Researcher

Dr Laura Mann is an Assistant Professor in the LSE Department of International Development focusses on the political economy of development in Africa. Before joining LSE, Laura worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute and the African Studies Centre in Leiden.

Research interests: political economy, knowledge production, communication technologies and data
Region: Kenya


CPAID postdoctoral researcher Esther Marijnen

Esther Marijnen | CPAID Researcher

Dr Esther Marijnen focuses on the eastern DRC from a political ecology perspective. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Conflict Research Group (CRG) at Ghent University. 

Research interests: violent conflict, conservation, public authority, political ecology
Region: DRC

Twitter: @EstherMarijnen


Ngot Mou Madut Mou | CPAID Researcher

Ngot Mou Madut Mou holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a minor degree in Management from Universiti Technologi Petronas, Malaysia. He has worked with NGOs including BRAC, Oxfam, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and ACROSS.

Research interests: magic, religious dimensions of war, local public authorities and peace
Region: South Sudan


people-Emery Mushagalusa Mudinga

Emery Mushagalusa Mudinga | CPAID Researcher

Emery Mushagalusa Mudinga is a lecturer, researcher and consultant based at the Institut Supérieur de Développement Rural de Bukavu, DRC. He holds a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve.

Research interests: land grabs and local resistance, armed groups, resource conflicts, peacebuilding and research ethics
Region: DRC

Twitter: @EmeryMudinga


Samuel Muhindo | CPAID Researcher

Samuel Muhindo is an independent researcher whose research focuses on dynamics of higher education institutions, micro-economies of rural areas and the politics of humanitarian actors in urban metropolises.

Research interests: social services, micro-economies. humanitarian actors
Region: DRC



Papy Mazuri | CPAID Researcher

Papy Muzuri is an independent researcher and collaborator who has conducted social network research in the eastern DRC since 2016, focusing on the dynamics of armed groups and governance in so-called rebel-held territories.

Research interests: armed groups, disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration and governance
Region: Eastern DRC


Sandrine N’simire

Sandrine N'simire | CPAID Researcher

Sandrine N’simire is an independent researcher and methodologist who developed the Masahani Method of material allocation to collect data on household water usage. She is a co-researcher on the LSE project 'Water governance in the DRC'.

Research interests: research methods, research ethics
Region: Eastern DRC


Photo of Dr Ryan O'Byrne

Ryan Joseph O’Byrne | CPAID Researcher

Dr Ryan O’Byrne researches the migration experiences of South Sudanese in Uganda. He holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from University College London based on ethnographic fieldwork in South Sudan.

Research interests: migration, displacement, resilience, public authority
Region: Uganda, South Sudan



James Ocitti | CPAID Researcher

James Ocitti has a Post Graduate Diploma in Conflict Management and Peace Studies from Gulu University. James has previously worked for GUSCO, a reception centre in northern Uganda, which assisted young adults and children returning from life with the LRA.

Research interests: peace studies, displacement, reintegration, LRA
Region: Uganda



Charles Ogeno | CPAID Researcher

Charles Ogeno holds an MSc in Development Management from LSE. His most recent research has been among South Sudanese refugees in northern and central Uganda and he is a co-researcher on the LSE project 'Deconstructing Notions of Resilience'.

Research interests: development, resilence, refugees, displacement
Region: Uganda, South Sudan



Robin Oryem | CPAID Researcher

Robin Oryem is carrying out a Masters in Medical Anthroplogy at Gulu University. He has previously worked as a research assistant on transitional justice and reconciliation in Gulu and as a supervisor and field agent for Lango Youth develpment innitiative (LUYDI). 

Research interests: gender, sexualities, violence, resilience, local notions of healing and justice
Region: Uganda



Arthur Owor | CPAID Researcher

Arthur Owor is the founder and director of the Centre for African Research, a northern Ugandan research centre, and leads a local activist group in fighting environmental injustice.

Research interests: land, environmental justice, climate change, energy
Region: Uganda

Twitter: @Owor7

Profile Photo of Naomi Pendle

Naomi Pendle | CPAID Researcher

Dr Naomi Pendle has carried out ethnographic and qualitative research in South Sudan since 2009 with a particular focus on Nuer and Dinka communities. Naomi has advised the UK and US governments, and researched for the ICRC.

Research interests: public authority, patterns of violence, local governance, political marketplace
Region: South Sudan


Head shot of Holly Porter

Holly Porter | CPAID Researcher

Dr Holly Porter is a Lecturer in Gender Studies in the Department of Politics and International Studies at Oxford University. Her work centres on issues of gender, sexualities and violence after war, particularly in northern Uganda.

Research interests: post-war reconstruction, gender, sexualities, reintegrationRegion: Uganda

Patricia Stys headshot

Patrycia Stys | CPAID Researcher

Dr Patrycja Stys received her DPhil in Politics from the University of Oxford. She is a Visiting Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne) and the University of Edinburgh.

Research interests: governance, cyclic violent and non-violent mobilisation
Region: DRC

Twitter: @pat_stys

Ishara Tchumisi

Isharabin Tchumisi | CPAID Researcher

Isharabin Tchumisi is an independent researcher focussing on the politics of water governance and how household gender relations in Goma, DRC, are affected by prolonged shocks such as unemployment.

Research interests: water governance, unemployment, gender relations
Region: DRC



Ahmed Vandi | CPAID Researcher

Dr Ahmed Vandi is a Lecturer at the School of Community health Sciences, Njala University and the Acting Head of the Department of the Community Health and Clinical Studies.

Research interests: community health
Region: DRC


CPAID Consultants

Grace Akello-200x200

Dr Grace Akello | CPAID Consultant

Dr Grace Akello is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Gulu University in Uganda. Her main research interests include how young people in complex emergencies identify, prioritise and manage their health complaints.

Research interests: HIV/AIDS, young people and complex emergencies, health preparedness
Region: Uganda


people-Jimmy Awany

Jimmy Awany | CPAID Consultant

Jimmy Awany is a Senior Programs Officer with Justice Africa in South Sudan. He has worked with a number of NGOs across governance and peacebuilding programs and has built extensive practical experience engaging civil society. He holds an MSc in Development studies from SOAS.

Research interest: governance, peacebuilding, customary courts, civil society
Region: South Sudan


Profile photo of Professor Teddy Brett

Teddy Brett | CPAID Consultant

Professor Teddy Brett has been involved in research, teaching and practice in Development since the 1960s. He joined the Development Studies Institute, now the LSE Department of International Development, in 1993, and was a Visiting Fellow at Witwatersrand University from 2001 to 2005.

Research interests: political economy, institutional reform, reconstruction
Region: Uganda, Zimbabwe



Ernestina Coast | CPAID Consultant

Dr Ernestina Coast is an Associate Professor in Population Studies at LSE. She co-leads the MSc in Population and Development and has acted as adviser to organisations including the WHO, DFID, UNAIDS, Marie Stopes International, Population Council Mexico and DANIDA.

Expertise: sexual and reproductive health, abortion rights, justice, gender


Alcinda Honwana

Alcinda Honwana | CPAID Consultant

Alcinda Honwana is former Strategic Director at the Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa and Centennial Professor at the Department of International Development. She is also a Visiting Professor of Anthropology and International Development at the Open University, where she held a Chair in International Development, and an adviser for the United Nations.

Research interests: youth movements, youth activism, social networks, datafication

Paul Richards May 2018

Paul Richards | CPAID Consultant

Professor Paul Richards is an anthropologist with field experience in the forest zone of Upper West Africa. Before retirement, he held chairs in anthropology at UCL and in technology and agrarian development at Wageningen University. He now advises the Directorate for Research and Planning at Njala University in central Sierra Leone. 

Research interests: infectious diseases, applied anthropology, agrarian insurgencies
Regions: Sierra Leone, Liberia




Logo of Social Science Research Council

The Social Science Research Council (SSRC)is an independent, international, nonprofit organization founded in 1923.

Governed by a board of directors, it fosters innovative research, nurtures new generations of social scientists, deepens how inquiry is practiced within and across disciplines, and mobilizes necessary knowledge on important public issues.


Logo of the Conflict Research Group at the University of Ghent

The Conflict Research Group (CRG) is a multidisciplinary research unit at Ghent University (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences). We are primarily interested in the micro-level dynamics of civil conflicts and concentrate both on the impact of civil conflicts on local communities, and on the links between local and global dimensions of conflict.



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Oxfam is an international confederation of 20 organisations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries. Oxfam is determined to change the world by mobilising the power of people against poverty. Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.



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The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is a world-leading centre for research and postgraduate education in public and global health, with more than 4,000 students and 1,000 staff working in over 100 countries. The School is one of the highest-rated research institutions in the UK, is among the world's leading schools in public and global health, and was named University of the Year in the Times Higher Education Awards 2016.



Mercy Corps Logo

Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians who partner with communities, corporations and governments to transform lives around the world.

Its mission is to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.


The Bridge Network is a non-governmental research based organisation, founded and run by young South Sudanese earlier career researchers from a collection of different ethnic and social backgrounds with representatives in all the three regions of South Sudan. Currently, The Bridge Network is undertaking a project on land grabbing, land rights and land value through grants at LSE’s Centre for Public Authority and International Development (CPAID).