Dr Henry Eyring

Dr Henry Eyring

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Department of Accounting

+44 (0)20 7852 3776
Room No
MAR 3.34
Office Hours
Book by appointment for Monday 15:00-17:00, e-mail h.eyring@lse.ac.uk
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Key Expertise
Performance Measurement, Performance Feedback, Cost Management

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Research Interests

  • Performance Measurement and Incentives
  • Cost Management
  • Economic Effects of Disclosure
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  • Less Information, More Comparison, and Better Performance: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with Patrick Ferguson and Sebastian Koppers), Journal of Accounting Research 59 (2021), 657-711.

  • Disclosing Physician Ratings: Performance Effects and the Difficulty of Altering Ratings Consensus, Journal of Accounting Research 58(2020), 1023-1067.
  • Performance Effects of Setting a High Reference Point for Peer-Performance Comparison (with V.G. Narayanan), Journal of Accounting Research 56 (2018), 581-615.

Working Papers:

  • Performance Feedback on Stronger and Weaker Areas of Performance: the Role of Targets

  • Making Health Care a Market: Evidence from Cleveland Clinic, Stanford Health Care, Geisinger, and University of Utah Health Care (first author, with Susannah Rose, Adrienne Boissy, Greg Burke, Paul Heidenreich, Charlton Park, Paul Maggio, Paul Sommer, Susan Gehrum, Pravene Nath, Kenny Shum, Carlos Montalvo, Candice Crawford, Jeffrey Young, Daniel Bokar, and Vivian Lee)